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Boyfriend / slouchy fit jeans

34 replies

Pennies · 07/05/2007 19:40

Chav or OK?

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 07/05/2007 19:42

Love mine. I'm not even remotely chavvy.

Smurfgirl · 07/05/2007 19:43

Not chav at all

Enid · 07/05/2007 19:43

i loved mine

Nikki76 · 07/05/2007 19:43

Ok as long as you don't wear hoop earrings or burberry scarf! lol!

Pennies · 07/05/2007 19:44

OK so what do you wear with thme to ensure non-chav appearance? Need tips for tops and shoes.

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 07/05/2007 19:46

At the moment I wear birkies (Madrid style) on warm days and rocket dog brown suede 'trainers' on colder days. In the winter I wore timberland boots with them.

On the top - in winter I had a uniform of v-neck fitted jumpers with white or brown vest underneath.

In summer - vest tops, shirts, t-shirts. Just the usual straight forward stuff.

I don't wear them for nights out - I wear dark, fitted ones that look smarter although Madonna wears boyfriend ones with heels to go out in! Have seen pics!

Nikki76 · 07/05/2007 19:48 know something - I don't have a clue! How bad is that???!!! I like the surfy look with slouch jeans though if thats any help?

ChippyMinton · 07/05/2007 19:48

enid - "i loved mine" past tense? Oh dear, have they been and gone? Gobbledigook, i wear mine just like you

Pennies · 07/05/2007 19:49

Yes, noticed the past tense too!! Have I missed the boat?

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 07/05/2007 19:49

You have style chippy

moondog · 07/05/2007 19:49

I wear mine with a variet of platform shoes or a pair of black trainers that look suspiciously like those MBT things.

Topwise,some cashmere vnecks or printed shirts/blouses with a sude jacket,fitted peacoat thingy or Boden fitted jersey jacket.

Gobbledigook · 07/05/2007 19:50

Yeah, I wear my BOden cord jacket with mine.

I don't really care if they are 'in' or 'out' - they are as comfy as wearing jogging bottoms but slightly smarter and I find the fitted around teh bum and wider leg look quite flattering. Especially with fitted tops.

Skinnies were/are in but I don't 'do' them. Not with my shape.

Enid · 07/05/2007 19:50

chippy I lost weight and sold them on ebay

must buy another pair

I like them with tightish tshirts and birkies

Gobbledigook · 07/05/2007 19:51

Yay - another one for fitted tops and birkies!!

Pennies · 07/05/2007 19:52

Next question - where can I buy some darksih ones then? I saw some light ones in Top Shop which I nearly bought but would prefer something a bit darker.

OP posts:
ChippyMinton · 07/05/2007 19:52
lou33 · 07/05/2007 19:54

love mine

Flamesparrow · 07/05/2007 19:57

Love mine. Not normally considered a chav

Gobbledigook · 07/05/2007 19:57

I've just got a NExt pair that are quite dark - although they have a lightish bit on the thigh I think.

LittleSarah · 07/05/2007 20:01

Where did y'all get them?

Pennies · 07/05/2007 20:02

I also liked some next ones today but they were died in a really overly obvious way to make them look a bit grubby IYKWIM

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 07/05/2007 20:05

Mine were next ones... last season though so dunno if they still have em

cardy · 07/05/2007 20:06

Not Chav - love mine, one pair from Topshop and one from Gap. At the mo I wear them with birkies or flip flops and a loose floral blouse or empire-line top and vest.

Pennies · 07/05/2007 20:07

It was these - dirty slouchy ones that are first on the left one the second row down . I was wondering if the fading on them makes thema tad chav or not - is it better to have no fading (like the Topshop ones I liked which were really pale blue though. Oh decsions decisions.

OP posts:
MaloryTowers · 07/05/2007 20:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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