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Ok I need a hat for this weekend, recommendations please

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mosschops30 · 03/05/2007 10:46

Going camping with friends, first time ever. No opportunity to do hair, which unfortunately isnt long enough to tie back and looks like I have a dead cat on my head in the morning.

So what hats look good (not a hat person), whats in fashion and wont make me look like an rase


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MrsBadger · 03/05/2007 12:34

get a bandanna or one of those wide bandeau headbands thus (though get a cheapy one from Claire's)

you're camping
no-one will care

mosschops30 · 03/05/2007 22:29

I have shortish hair Mrs Badger so wont work. I have seen some baker-boy style summer hats in Oasis but not sure theyre really me

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