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Quest for the perfect jeans - tips please!

18 replies

crazylazydaisy · 02/05/2007 15:20

Have a little bit of a tummy and am size 14 though heading - very slowing- to a 12. So I need some jeans that sit just below belly button so that they pull tum in but dont go down at the back and show half my backside and bridgit jones knickers when i bend down.
Anyone know any budget buys ( go on then - I'll splash out up to £25 if they are good!)
Any one got a pair of "perfect" jeans? Thanks

OP posts:
PenelopePitstops · 02/05/2007 15:32

oo id like some help here too, i sound about the same size as you crazyladydaisy. I find next jeans fit me best but still have to try them on. I can never wear those low rise ones tho

PetronellaPinkPants · 02/05/2007 15:34

try river island

PeachyChocolateEClair · 02/05/2007 15:49

Spent ages at the weekend looking (I have a similar shape to you) and it was definitely next as well, the ones I chose were £9.99 (I liked the £30 ones but they sold my size between trying and deciding- though quite glad really as saved a tenner LOL)

brimfull · 02/05/2007 15:53

peacocks fit me and they're a tenner

bobsyouruncle · 02/05/2007 16:03

What are the nest jeans sizes like? I want to order some but don't want to order the wrong size. I'm usually a 10 but sometimes need a 12 if the 10's are small made.

bobsyouruncle · 02/05/2007 16:04

Nest?! Next

PenelopePitstops · 02/05/2007 16:12

id probably go bigger to be on the safe side, i vary from a 12 to a 16 but am a steady 14 in next.

bobsyouruncle · 02/05/2007 16:16

Thanks, I'll go for 12's then.

crazylazydaisy · 02/05/2007 17:23

Thanks for the answers all. £9.99 at Next Peachy? Wow. Was that normal price or sale?

OP posts:
PeachyChocolateEClair · 02/05/2007 17:24

Nope mistype (hence the saved a tenner on £30 LOL)- £19.99 which I still think is good, as they are that well cut (for me) they look as if they were handmade

crazylazydaisy · 02/05/2007 17:25

Btw bobsyouruncle, I should have said in OP, all size 10 MNetters are banned from this thread . Sorry, but there you go. Size 12s JUST about allowed

OP posts:
crazylazydaisy · 02/05/2007 17:27

I did wonder/hope! Thanks tho, am off to go a rumaging in Next

OP posts:
MellowMa · 02/05/2007 17:30

Message withdrawn

Tutter · 02/05/2007 17:32

if i only had that much i would def buy second hand on ebay

you might just get some 7 for all mankinds

which i witter on about endlessly

newgirl · 02/05/2007 21:08

i got some from new look when i was that size (just lost a bit) and they were really flattering honest!! i tried on loads from 12 quid to seven all mankind, and the new look looked the best!!

Aefondkiss · 02/05/2007 23:00

monsoon - I had a pair from there just after ds was born, generous sizing, they were not low rise, might be a bit mumsy for some but I would consider them again

bobsyouruncle · 03/05/2007 12:10

I'm definitely creeping towards a 12... I've been a 14/16 if that's any good to you?

crazylazydaisy · 03/05/2007 14:31

Welcome back into the fold .
Have taken tutter and newgirls advice and got some 7 for all mankind's off ebay!

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