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Today I spent £30 and got...

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Smurfgirl · 28/04/2007 19:09

4 tops
2 skirts

Asda+Matalan = bargins!

OP posts:
fryalot · 28/04/2007 19:11

not bad at all. I was in Matalan today and spent £18 on four lots of pjs for dd2 and new school shoes for dd1

brimfull · 28/04/2007 19:13

ooh .must go to matalan,anything nice atm?

fryalot · 28/04/2007 19:15

lots actually, if I had more money, dp didn't know we were skint and/or I didn't have three kids with me, I could have spent a fortune

brimfull · 28/04/2007 19:16

may go tomorrow then,am looking for long t-shirts

smittenkitten · 28/04/2007 19:25

i am sure i will be accused of being miserable, but there is a cost to "cheap" clothes, and its usually paid for by the wages and conditions of people making them.

charliecat · 28/04/2007 19:37

Do more expensive clothes sellers just not make bigger profits with the same poor conditions of workers?

bonkerz · 28/04/2007 19:42

and all with your orange zapp SQUONK!!!!!!!!!!!!

PeachyChocolateEClair · 28/04/2007 19:48

I got some lovely brand new strappy wedges (french blue so good with jeans) in Next To Nothing yesterday

which makes up for the £195 I blew on other stuff but that included gifts for all 3 ds's. jeans for me, silk monsoon top for me, shoes, cardigan type thing and t-shirt for Dh, lunch for 2 in Cardiff etc etc etc

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