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Childrens' Riding Boots

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StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 28/04/2007 17:46

I'm fed up with the drama of forcing dd's feet into her Loveson jodhpur boots at the weekend. They fit fine once they're on, but they just seem so difficult to get on.

Does anyone know of any easier ones to get on and off - maybe with a zip down the side??? I keep thinking of getting her some mucker boots to wear, but not 100% sure if they're ok for riding as the soles are a bit grroved.


OP posts:
luciemule · 28/04/2007 20:34

We always buy Chipmunk jodphur boots dor DD (5). They're really easy to get on and off and they come in brown/black and other cool cloours like pink and purple. Quite a lot of girls in her class wear them.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 29/04/2007 08:45

thanks, will look for them. I remember ages ago another mum telling me her dd's boots were easy to get on and they were purple, so probably Chipmunk ones.

OP posts:
Lovecat · 29/04/2007 13:17

If it's any help, my niece (12) rides in mucker boots and doesn't have any problems with them. They are made for riding, the soles aren't so deeply grooved that you have a problem with them catching on the stirrup (and besides, only the toes should be on the stirrup, she says, knowing damn well her foot position leaves a lot to be desired...).

Not half so trendy as the chipmunks, though!

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