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Paid for express delivery at and my trews have not arrived - need phone no: to rant

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MegaLegs · 25/04/2007 10:47

Ordered Mon am should have arrived yesterday, checked parcel force website and my package is still at Gatwick.

Topshops contact us page only gives email no phone number. i'm out this pm and I bet they arrive and I'll miss them.

My first order with them - are they usually reliable?

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MegaLegs · 25/04/2007 12:12

Does no one care of my plight?

How will I flit effortlessly around DS2's party this weekend looking floaty and summery in my white linen trousers, serving drinks and laughing at their jolly japes if they are in a depot in Gatwick.

(I know, I know, white trousers at a kids' party but I enjoy a challenge)

OP posts:
MegaLegs · 25/04/2007 12:19

Oh forget it - they are here.

OP posts:
fishie · 25/04/2007 12:22

there are numbers but the page is wonky so it appears under 'overseas order' heading

Tamdin · 25/04/2007 12:22

hi mega glad you got them. i order quite a bit from topshop and the're usually very good esp if you order before 12. hope party goes well and you look effortlessly chic

fishie · 25/04/2007 12:23

ar they nice? i am slightly worried picturing you flitting with sticky little handprints and squash stains and a sat-on jam tart.

MegaLegs · 25/04/2007 12:36

OOh - they are so nice - quite flattering actually, my arse looks ok.

My aim is to dodge small sticky hands. I wore my old pair out for a curry the other night and again at a friend's kids party. I call it the white trouser challenge.

Hope the weather gets better - have just put a jumper on as am v.v.v. chilly.

OP posts:
MegaLegs · 25/04/2007 12:37

Despatch note had a customers services number so I phoned and told them. They will reimburse my pound. I know, but it's the principal!!

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