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aaargghhh - haircut tomorro and no idea what to go for

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gemmiegoatlegs · 20/04/2007 21:32

My dh has booked me a short notice hair appointment for tomorrow (phoned up while I was out as I've been dithering for so long!)

The only thing is i haven't had time to formulate an idea about what kind of style to get. At the moment my hair is natural colour, dark brown, quite shiny, quite fine and straight, shoulder length and all one length.

What's trendy at the moment? I am seriously NOT trendy, but would quite like to be...

Can anyone give me any ideas or point me in the direction of a good hair resource. I have googled hairstyles and seem to be lost in a swamp of bizarre styles!

OP posts:
snowwonder · 20/04/2007 21:45

do you like the posh bob, a layered bob or do you want to go shorter, i love her hair at the mo but not brave enough

gemmiegoatlegs · 20/04/2007 21:56

posh? last time | looked she had a short-ish flicky thing going on??? I really fancy shorter for the summer ( it took me 18 months to grow it this long for my wedding last year) Now I just want to say "Cut it all off!"

OP posts:
snowwonder · 20/04/2007 23:16

yes her hair is shorter now

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