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Is it just me or are this summer's fashions revolting?

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JoshandJamie · 17/04/2007 21:54

I'm not a slave to fashion in anyway, but this weekend I happened to be in London on a girlie weekend and headed off for some retail therapy. But what I got was retail shock. There wasn't a single thing I wanted to buy (I lie - there was one gorgeous pair of shorts but I needed thighs from about 15 years ago to have pulled them off).

The fashions are just vile. Frumpy tops that make you look uncomfortably pregnant, 'bold' prints - code for the worst colours thrown together in a mess, very short skirts and shorts worn over leggings (possibly good if you have great legs but terrible if you have 80s flashbacks to leggings) and 80s brights which are enough to give you a headache.

If I am just terribly uninformed, please do educate me. But I'm afraid this summer's fashions are one small step away from legwarmers and headbands and I just know that this time next year, every fashion mag will be writing - thank god that is over.

OP posts:
Ponce · 17/04/2007 21:54

its you
the smock hting will eb over soon

moondog · 17/04/2007 21:55

Yes,there is some well nasty tat out there.

fairyfly · 17/04/2007 21:56

I am sorry for laughing......... but you sound like you write for the Mail on Sunday. I just nearly pissed myself.

Ponce · 17/04/2007 21:56

better than ashitey " pretend to be a gypsy" ofmr last year
brown is so over hoorah!

MrsBadger · 17/04/2007 21:59

They are indeed revolting
even I think the smock tops are hideously unflattering and I'm actually pregnant ffs.

Ignore it all and wear linen trousers or last year's shirt-dresses

'this too shall pass...'

Boco · 17/04/2007 21:59

The bright print maternity wear is dull.

I went shopping on saturday and couldn't find anything i liked - except a yellow 3/4 sleeved jackety thing, but so unlike anything i've ever worn, i was a bit scared of it, so didn't buy it.

crispyduck · 17/04/2007 22:01

Its hard to find a nice dress atm..

fairyfly · 17/04/2007 22:02

I think i have Boco...... ooops.

I am bored of Shirt Dresses and linen trousers..... i think it is fab.

Very 60's Chic

( if you can pull it off that is)

RustyBear · 17/04/2007 22:05

To me, it just all looks very old-fashioned, having seen it all before. But even DD (17) hates it 'looks like a hippy threw up over her' was her comment.

JoshandJamie · 17/04/2007 22:05

I actually did end up buying one of those smock things in some subtle tones and although it allowed me to finally get some wear out of some white trousers I have (as it covered my butt), it still just made me look about two sizes larger.

OP posts:
Ponce · 17/04/2007 22:06

but he colours are GREAT

expatinscotland · 17/04/2007 22:07

Those smocks are horrid.

MrsBadger · 17/04/2007 22:08

yeah yeah, mrs cool-soft-and-muted...
will stick to shades of mud myself

JoshandJamie · 17/04/2007 22:11

However, I do now have a bang up to date hairstyle having had a hair makeover courtesy of a women's glossy mag yesterday.

Went to a top london salon. Went in with long blonde hair and came out with a very short cropped bob in dark brown. Apparently (according to the stylist) it was very in. I did try to point out that I live in the countryside in west berkshire and 'in' didn't really count, but at least I now have a smock to wear with it.

OP posts:
fairyfly · 17/04/2007 22:12

oh it's just a well needed change....... some frikkin colour.

Now people can decide what suits them from any year instaed of walking around in whatever the season is.

Thank god people have stopped wearing uggs with trousers is all i can say.

KnayedFrot · 17/04/2007 22:13

You need to trawl through the tat this year.

I have some plain smock & long line tops from warehouse and I don;t thi nk I look pg in them (so ner)

Skinny capri length trousers / jeans (lots aorund if you look)

Ballet flats or wedges

Spidermama · 17/04/2007 22:15

I quite like it at the mo apart from those awful saggy arse tight jeams and the comb over style hair.

There was a T shirt in Camden last week I loved which said, 'Goths are ridiculous.'

JoshandJamie · 17/04/2007 22:17

the other thing I forgot - very high waisted trousers. With baggy bits in the front. nasty

OP posts:
Boco · 17/04/2007 22:39

Fairyfly was it the lineny feel quite short and floaty one? I was wearing chunky round beads when i tried it on and i really liked that 50s / 60s look - it was the colour i was a bit scared of - such a bright yellow, was worried i'd look peeky as i'm pale. I still want it though.

Ponce · 18/04/2007 07:46

lol at west berks
when is your pic in j and j

JoshandJamie · 18/04/2007 08:04

It will either be in the July or Aug issue of SHE magazine. I'm the one who went from long, blonde to short and dark.

OP posts:
Ponce · 18/04/2007 08:48

and go on
are youused to it now

JoshandJamie · 18/04/2007 08:58

not yet.

OP posts:
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