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I have a black cotton strapless dress that I love but...I now have big norks (since dd3), is there a strapless bra that WORKS?

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Enid · 17/04/2007 12:21

I really dont want to stop wearing it

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 17/04/2007 14:16

R&P! R&P! R&P!

(ahem, do excuse me)

USAUKMum · 17/04/2007 14:44

Second MrsBader, having 36G/GG Rigby & Pellar were the only place in London I was able to find one that suit. Resulting clevage, well, DH couldn't keep his eyes off

Ponce · 17/04/2007 14:45


IntergalacticWalrus · 17/04/2007 14:46

Woud the R&P one work if you are saggy of nork, like me do you think?

MrsBadger · 17/04/2007 15:22

The point about R&P is you go there in eprson and their magical ladies find the One That Will Work, no matter what shape you are.

motherinferior · 17/04/2007 15:24


JackieNo · 17/04/2007 15:37

Agree you need to know your size first, and R&P are supposed to be the best for this. I've just got home to find this that I ordered has been delivered. I've just tried it on (am a 38G), and it's holding everything up very well, even in strapless mode. But I've only had it on for 5 minutes, so no idea how comfortable it'll be in the long run. Also, I generally prefer to wear seamfree bras, and I'm looking in the mirror at the outline of the seams on this one under the fairly fitted t-shirt I'm wearing, and it looks as if I have a 'T' (for 'Tit' presumably) on each breast. So this will be better with something in thicker material/more loose fitting, I think.

USAUKMum · 17/04/2007 16:35

R&P even found a strapless, backless one for me without batting an eyelid, where other places they looked . And after a visit there you don't sag

USAUKMum · 17/04/2007 16:36

BTW mine was on for a full day wedding, including dancing till late and was still comfy!

Ponce · 17/04/2007 17:05

underwired are always agony

motherinferior · 17/04/2007 18:31

Not with R&P. I sound like a crazed zealot, I know.

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