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which shoes should I wear with this??

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deaconblue · 16/04/2007 21:39

wrap dress

I have no time to go and buy new shoes before party on Saturday (moving house) so choose from:
high heeled black suede round toed shoes or
Grey knee high boots

neither pair is ideal I know...

OP posts:
DimpledThighs · 16/04/2007 21:41

nude tights and heels

deaconblue · 16/04/2007 21:42

AH, good, thought so. Dh reckons boots but I'm sure grey will look odd. He just has a thing for knee high boots I think.

OP posts:
DimpledThighs · 16/04/2007 21:47

or even nude fishnets - I love these and might cheer dh up.

Great dress BTW.

BingoStingo · 16/04/2007 21:53

not the boots. Shoes fine

deaconblue · 16/04/2007 21:55

Ooooooh nude fishnets. Is my son's first birthday party though so don't want to get dh feeling too happy
Am sooooooooooo pleased with the dress, makes me feel really glam

OP posts:
Tamdin · 16/04/2007 21:57

love this dress saw it in boden catalogue. agree black round toes would look nice. why do all men love knee high boots

deaconblue · 16/04/2007 21:59

Have found amazing underwear too in M and S for with it. wanted a push up bra and a black cami to avoid revealing norks. Found... push up bra built into camisole! How fab is that???

OP posts:
DimpledThighs · 16/04/2007 22:13

how does the underwear fit in with not making dh too happy then eh?

deaconblue · 17/04/2007 14:25

Good point. have to keep him sweet

OP posts:
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