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Sandals!!!! Where do you get yours??

12 replies

chocolateshoes · 14/04/2007 21:08

I have size 8 really quite narrow feet and thanks to some horrible school shoe shopping experiences as a kid I have quite a phobia about buying footwear. Now Spring is here I need to get some sandals. I need flat comfy ideally not mules (narrow feet so can't keep them on) for work, and some others for fun. Am not keen on high high heels. There isn't much choice apart from Clarks locally - I've researched their site and seen a couple of pairs I like, but just wondered where everyone else got their sandals. Inspiration please!

OP posts:
chocolateshoes · 14/04/2007 21:32

? x

OP posts:
sputnik · 15/04/2007 11:36

Someone posted a link to \link{ site} the other day, some quite nice stuff in the Betula section.

sputnik · 15/04/2007 11:38


FluffyMummy123 · 15/04/2007 12:30

Message withdrawn

newgirl · 15/04/2007 19:58

can you get to a 'shoon'?

they do fantastic sandles - they are just so comfy and look reasonable - tend to be from spain etc

i just bought some that have solid soles, a stretchy band across foot with a flip flop thing going on - i can't do links but if you get to the shop i am sure you will find some you like - mine were 49.99 which i think is ok as i will wear them for months and months without a single blister

chocolateshoes · 15/04/2007 20:44

Thank you ladies. Some helpful links. I love Camper shoes too & liive in mine. Will have to bite the bullet this week if this weather keeps up. Thank you!!

OP posts:
chocolateshoes · 15/04/2007 20:45

It is sad isn't it Cod but I really was traumatised by a horrible shoe fitter called Mr Peasley. The thought of him still makes me shudder!

OP posts:
hana · 15/04/2007 20:46

what about a pair of birks? lots of different styles

brimfull · 15/04/2007 20:53

sputnik -that site had some nice sandals but also do adults seriously buy and wear these ffs!

chocolateshoes · 15/04/2007 20:58

oooh they are grim Ggirl!

Birks may well be the way forward. There are loads I like.

OP posts:
brimfull · 15/04/2007 21:03

I like these

sputnik · 16/04/2007 09:07

Chocolateshoes you must've been seriously traumatised if you even remember his name! Tell us about it if it would help to share

Ggirl you're right, when I saw those I thought well you might get away with it if you were 6. Or maybe 70 with grey wooly tights and a bun.

I'm quite tempted by these

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