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How many of you have gone from long hair to a bob?

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Frascati · 14/04/2007 17:41

I am seriously considering having my chopped off for summer.
I have quite long hair but I find it so so boring and I need a change.
Is it easier to manage or do you regret doing it?


OP posts:
littlelapin · 14/04/2007 17:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Frascati · 14/04/2007 17:44

oh ok

OP posts:
littlelapin · 14/04/2007 17:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

donnie · 14/04/2007 17:47

I did !! I love it and people tell me I look younger.

Frascati · 14/04/2007 17:48

I do like to hide behing my hair tbh

I am just so bored of it and I am not keen on it up

It will hopefully coincide with a slimmer me too

OP posts:
maveta · 14/04/2007 17:49

yes, 4 times. Well, once to a bob (liked it and it stayed like that for quite a few years), then to a short crop (like it and it stayed like that for a few years), then to a VERY short crop (I cried and cried and it took FOREVER to grown back out and the last time in 2004 again pretty short. Loved it for the first two cuts but then the hairdressers seemed to get tired of cutting it the same way and it slowly became a different kind of cut which I HATED. Is long again now and I´ve sworn I won´t ever cut it short again.

It is so liberating but can be a gamble.. definitely go for not-too-short, you can always go back and get more off later if you like it/ it really suits you. It´s great for washing quickly (feels like you´re washing air!) and drying BUT sometimes involves more styling as long hair can be whipped into a ponytail whereas short hair can stick up in all directions when you wake up and HAS to be washed to be brought under control.

Frascati · 14/04/2007 17:50

Would the ghd's not keep it under control?

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 14/04/2007 17:52

I always alternate between long hair and a bob. Currently it's in a bob and now I'm growing it long! Ha ha - takes so long that by the time I've grown it I'm fed up with it!

GHDs do help with a bob - I used to hate having a bob years ago as it was so hard to blow dry I thought. GHDs make it so much easier.

Frascati · 14/04/2007 17:54

decisions decisions

I would def. go for a longer version

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 14/04/2007 17:55

it was only marginally easier to manage, I still ended up scruffing it back in a tiny stubby ponytail and it looked abysmal as it didn't suit my face shape at all

between shoulder and brastrap now and staying that way.

if you fancy a change get some layers put in at the front and/or try a side parting?

ipanemagirl · 14/04/2007 17:56

went from long to bob a few years ago. too old for long now I think. bob more flattering for aging plump matron....
I hope!

beckybrastraps · 14/04/2007 18:28

I did just before Easter. Chin length bob. I am a new woman.

Gobbledigook · 14/04/2007 18:30

When I first had mine cut into a bob I loved it - last summer it was. I looked younger I thought. Now I think it makes me look old - I keep seeing glam people with really nice long hair and I want mine back now! Sniff.

foxinsocks · 14/04/2007 18:30

yes, I do that too - I go from long hair to a bob. Love it for a bit, then hate it and grow it out. Then hair gets too long and unmanageable (it's v fine and fly away and if it gets too long does that charming thing of just plastering itself to my head - v attractive not) and I get it all chopped off again.

Do it - it's very liberating and if you don't like it, you can always grow it back.

plibble · 14/04/2007 18:43

I'm a repeat offender too. Hair grows long, Plibble gets bored, hair gets the chop into a chin-length bob. At uni I referred to it as my "yearly shearing".
I never regret it immediately - it's months until the boredom sets in and I start growing it again. The last time I had about 10 inches chopped. It is liberating, less faff and you need less conditioner.

If you're considering it, then give it a go. It will grow back if you don't like it!

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