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Monsoon jeans

6 replies

NuttyMuffins · 14/04/2007 16:40

Anyone got any and are they worth the £45 price tag ??

Particularly interested in anyone who has their shortie range jeans.

OP posts:
brimfull · 14/04/2007 16:43

I get them second hand of ebay.They do sell well on there .They are nice and the shortie range are the right length for me.

NuttyMuffins · 14/04/2007 16:46

Oh good idea, forgot to look on ebay.

Can I ask how tall you are ggirl ??

I am 5'2 and some shortie ranges are fine on me and some are too short oddly.

OP posts:
brimfull · 14/04/2007 16:56

I am 5'4

accessorizewithbabysick · 14/04/2007 22:49

Or just wait for the sale, they're nearly always half price!

twinsetandpearls · 15/04/2007 00:34

I ahve some monsoon jeans and they are very flattering, always get comments when I wear them.

Mine are not from the shortie range and I am 5 foot 2 but I waer them with a heel.

dingdongjustforyoufg · 16/04/2007 20:05

I wear Monsoon jeans as I have found them to be the most flattering fit - but I don't wear shortie ones. The bum fit is great though.

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