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I just bought these jeans. DH says I look like a weird ponce in them

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MamaG · 12/04/2007 09:20

these jeans

I disagree.

although they are described as "slim leg" they are really quite baggy and they look nice for daytime with plain T shirts/flip flops (if weather permits) or wrangler boots.

Do YOU think they look like weird ponce jeans?

OP posts:
moondog · 12/04/2007 09:21

I think they're great.
Probably not great on someone who is chunky of thigh though with that pocket thing going on..

OrvilleRedenbacher · 12/04/2007 09:22

i think they are fine

mumto3girls · 12/04/2007 09:22

i hope not..i have those jeans? whats supposedly poncey in his opinion?

MamaG · 12/04/2007 09:23

that "tag" thing on the pocket is a strip of denim that goes behind hte leg and there's a pocket on the side/behind the side seam (does that make ANY sense?

A sort of "open" pocket IYKWIM

Luckily don't have fat legs

OP posts:
paddingtonbear1 · 12/04/2007 09:23

I like them, think they look fine.

MamaG · 12/04/2007 09:23

mum2three its the pockety bits I think

Also I don't usually wear baggy jeans so I look a bit different to usual

OP posts:
Nip · 12/04/2007 09:24

I have these and get loads of comments about how nice they are ... so no they arent weird pnce jeans (whatever that means!)

mumto3girls · 12/04/2007 09:24

my legs are not that slim (in fact they're fat ) but i think they still look okay...

mumto3girls · 12/04/2007 09:26

oh..and that means i couldn't describe them as baggy either

moondog · 12/04/2007 09:26

I hope you haven't bought that jumper thopugh.
It's bloody bad news.

mumto3girls · 12/04/2007 09:29

Absolutely not with the jumper!!

MamaG · 12/04/2007 09:35

blee no jumper

OP posts:
kittylette · 12/04/2007 09:42

i love them

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