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Bikini wax

3 replies

boogiewoogie · 09/04/2007 21:37

I'm sure there's been lots of threads on this one already so I apologise in advance for repeating.

Summer is coming which means fewer clothes and more skin on display. I'm a wax virgin (well, a professional one anyway). I only want the sides done and not a full hollywood or playboy, whatever they call it these days.

Do you recommend it? dh is strongly against it insisting that it is not ladylike to have one's pubic hair yanked out by a stranger!

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hermykne · 09/04/2007 21:39

tell dh to get over it and book yourself in for one with a regular saloon. its no big deal. and you'll be talking about shoes or some such frivilolity whilst shes doing it and she may become your new best friend too!

madrose · 09/04/2007 21:42

I had my first professional one done six weeks ago - DH thought it was strange to go have it done, but afterwards no complaint!

Am booking in again this week.

Not fum - but recommend it

boogiewoogie · 09/04/2007 21:51

Thank you ladies. I think I'll wait till I really need it first!

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