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WEDGES not weaning

63 replies

noddyholder · 09/04/2007 09:40

OK I saw a gorgeous pair of wedges in tk maxx two thick brown leather straps(mules) one with a buckle.and ahigh-ish wedge but someone beat me to them and only one pair.I want something I can wear now and just can't do blisters or uncomfortable.Thanks xx

OP posts:
roseylea · 09/04/2007 13:21

I'd say prob not. Can you try them on in a shop?

turquoise · 09/04/2007 13:23

Roseylea you haven't said whether you could walk in yours?
Probably crazy to buy shoes mail order - though I'm very drawn to the Boden ones even though they're brown.

Nbg · 09/04/2007 13:23

I reckon they'd rub at the front.

Nbg · 09/04/2007 13:25

heres some plainy ones

ReadyToRock · 09/04/2007 13:26

i have these in the black they look lovely on and are really comfy

Swizzler · 09/04/2007 13:27

Can you do wedges if you have thick ankles? Not sure so have never bought them

roseylea · 09/04/2007 13:29

i can kind of walk in them! Not all day at work maybe. I have some lovely wedges from last yr which are white with great big flowers on them and I wore them all day yesterday....a really sweet elderly lady at church said to me "Oh you look like you've grown!"

turquoise · 09/04/2007 13:30

Like both of those but don't want ankle straps.
Damn, will be booted off pc soon as I can hear High School Musical is nearly ending.

Gobbledigook · 09/04/2007 15:33

YOu can wear wedges but get ones where the strap goes over the top of your foot and around rather than round ankle. the Dune ones.

There are loads of lovely shoes on Dune website. I have a pair of gold Dune wedges from last year that I shall soon be dusting off.

NadineBaggott · 09/04/2007 23:36

there are some damn ugly shoes on here

feet should be dainty

Gobbledigook · 09/04/2007 23:37

Ha ha ha!!

electra · 09/04/2007 23:47

I like the Topshop ones but they seem to be sold out everywhere now and I can't find a picture.

roseylea · 10/04/2007 15:41

I wore my Next ones to a party last night - dh measured the heel and they are 4.5 inches! I felt like very tall! They were comfy actually {surprised emoticon!]

So they're not going back. I've decided I like 'em.

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