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Need 35" trousers, 42" waist ...

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NotQuiteCockney · 06/04/2007 20:53

DH does, anyway. 34" or 36" length should be fine.

I've looked at Next, and might get some from them. High and Mighty don't seem to have inseam measurements on their site (!! You'd think that would be their market, right?)

Are there other sites I should try?

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NotQuiteCockney · 06/04/2007 20:54

Oh, wait, I didn't say what sort of trousers - casual, but not jeans. Possibly weirdo strongly patterned rockclimbing type trousers .

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tinkerbellhadpiles · 06/04/2007 20:56

Try this

octavia · 06/04/2007 21:14

marks & spencers fit better than high & mighty according to my Dh.They last longer as well

themoon66 · 06/04/2007 21:17

Was in Next today... the longest length they do is 34 inside leg.

My 15 year old DS has 35 inside leg and a waist of only 28 or 30.... try finding that on the high street!

New Look were surprising good though, and cheap. They go up to 34, but seemed longer on.

NotQuiteCockney · 06/04/2007 21:21

Next online have a 35" length, but only in 36" and 38" waist. So not as useful for DH as I thought.

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NotQuiteCockney · 06/04/2007 21:21

New Look presumably don't do larger waists? I'd heard H+M did long trousers, but the waists were all far too small when I had a look around today.

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themoon66 · 06/04/2007 21:27

oh yeah... new look did do bigger waists... up to 38 i think i saw.

themoon66 · 06/04/2007 21:27

Oh.. just saw thread title... you need 42

NotQuiteCockney · 06/04/2007 21:28

Well, I've mentioned the fact Next goes to 38" to DH. He was 40" before, he might be 38" someday, who knows. Options are good.

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 06/04/2007 21:29

Oh, we got some cheap from cotton traders, so he's not desperate, it would just be nice for him to have different trousers. I think Rochester do smaller waists as well as big? They do really long trousers. I think they only do US online shopping, though, not sure.

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