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Normal roller blinds in conservatory

26 replies

princessmelTingChoccyEggs · 04/04/2007 17:57

Would they look ok ??

Can't afford proper conservatory ones , see my roof thread .

Just need them round the sides not on the roof. Mainly to keep sun out so I can see pc screen and MN. Very important reason.

Also so dc can see tv and to keep it a bit cooler in very hot weather.

Ikea do very affordable ones. I thought in a plain colour they'd be ok. I've got 8 windows along the main wall of the conservatory so thought I could have one for every 2 pains of glass. Then round the sides. Nothing on double doors.

What do you think??

OP posts:
OrvilleRedenbacher · 04/04/2007 17:58

yes my sister has em

princessmelTingChoccyEggs · 04/04/2007 17:59

Oooh really? Thats great.

OP posts:
OrvilleRedenbacher · 04/04/2007 18:20

s htey were ifteed ( by her dh) very discretle so they dindt hutt out
her were fomr homebase i think

OrvilleRedenbacher · 04/04/2007 18:22

butt out
not hutt out

MrsBadger · 04/04/2007 18:23

they may fade in the strong sun though
get white ones maybe?

OrvilleRedenbacher · 04/04/2007 18:24

oh deffo white htick uns

NadineBaggott · 04/04/2007 18:24

hmm yes, I'mm wondering what to put up in my consy?????????????????????

OrvilleRedenbacher · 04/04/2007 18:25

a gibbet

princessmelTingChoccyEggs · 04/04/2007 19:11

Ok, so they need to be thick and white, discreet and not butting out?

And not too expensive.

OP posts:
Pannacotta · 04/04/2007 19:16

Might be worth getting window film instead, which reduces glare and solar engery, ir makes the room cooler. Also less of a fly trap than blinds. I am getting this put in our conservatory roof. Check out

NadineBaggott · 04/04/2007 20:42

arf - well I do hang around a lot ....

ChasingRabbits · 04/04/2007 20:52

word of caution - our conservatory firm said they have been called back to quite a few where the double glazing has gone - ALL of them down to window film! We were considering it on the roof but have changed our minds now.

Furball · 04/04/2007 20:58

windowfilm website doesn't exist

NadineBaggott · 04/04/2007 20:59

we've had film put on the roof.

princessmelTingChoccyEggs · 04/04/2007 21:00

How could the double glazing go??

I wont have them down all the time, just for Mn purposes and if ds is watching tv.

OP posts:
ChasingRabbits · 04/04/2007 21:01

the seal goes and you get condensation in between.

princessmelTingChoccyEggs · 04/04/2007 21:02

Oh , not good. Blinds it is then.

OP posts:
ChasingRabbits · 04/04/2007 21:04

not personal experience but did make me think twice - if people who have had it for a while would recommend it then I might re-think, anyone had the film for a couple of years plus ??

SilentTerror · 04/04/2007 21:29

Had pale creamy/beige roller blinds from B&Q for about a year now.Look fine,reduce glare without reducing light.They are very plain and simple,cost about £25/30 each I think.

Blossomhill · 04/04/2007 21:30

I have the white roller blinds from Ikea in my conservatory and they are fine.

princessmelTingChoccyEggs · 04/04/2007 21:58

Do you Bh?

How much were they??

Thanks everyone BTW

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 04/04/2007 22:03

I think about £15 each blind. really cheap.

princessmelTingChoccyEggs · 04/04/2007 22:06

fab. thanks

OP posts:
Pannacotta · 04/04/2007 23:01

furball just tried window film website and its fine...
Can anyone comment on how the film is and if its had any effect on the double glazing?

NadineBaggott · 04/04/2007 23:26

i'm not sure if our con roof is double glazed as it was in when we bought the house. it has internal blinds but was baking last summer so we had film on the roof and aircon installed, they've both yet to be put to the test!

the film has withstood some pretty violent rain storms though.

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