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Now - I'd NEVER win any prizes for my choice of clothes.........BUT........

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fannyannie · 28/03/2007 16:05

I didn't half cringe today when walking through the park on my way to town.

We live in "chav city" (ok it's only a small town but it's full of chavs) and I had to try so hard not to laugh at what I saw.

Young girl - can't have been much older than 18/19, pregnant - maybe 6/7 months gone. HUGE dangly earrings, and weighed down with lots of other 'gold' jewellry. Tight fitting top which came only half way over her bump - ok not my idea of 'nice' maternity top - but she had a slim body and a nice bump so I probably wouldn't have thought much of it.

BUT - the icing on the cake for me was the skinny hipster jeans.........with the zip UNDONE and wide open - showing the top of her knickers, as they were obviously too tight to do up over her bump .

OP posts:
littleEasterlapin · 28/03/2007 16:06

Bless. Maybe she can't afford maternity clothes?

But was she wearing CROCS?!!

wurlywurlyCOVEREDinCHOCOLATE · 28/03/2007 16:07

and I thought that was only acceptable at home

fannyannie · 28/03/2007 16:32

well if she can't afford maternity clothes then she should wear longer tops that at least cover up the fact she's got her zip undone

No I don't think she was wearing Crocs

OP posts:
LedodgyCheapEasterEggsAreASin · 28/03/2007 16:34

She could sell her bling to buy maternity clothes.

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