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ballet pump things - what colour?

14 replies

deaconblue · 27/03/2007 16:45

Have seen leopard print ones around but are they a bit last summer? Already have a pair of pale pink ones. Wondering about chocolate brown, but hanker after red patent (wasn't allowed patent as a child). Opinions please

OP posts:
BassMama · 27/03/2007 17:01


get these. I have 2 pairs of leopard print ballet pumps (slightly different patterns) and some Leopard print stilettos as well. Love them. NOT last season, as they are still going for this season, probably as least into autum/winter collections.

I have about 40 pairs of ballet pumps, in every colour you can imagine (including red patent by the way!) They are amazing, go with any kind of outfit and are so comfy!

MrsBadger · 27/03/2007 17:05

anything you like - red patent look fab peeking from jeans
(remember they can be v unkind to the less delicate calf and ankle though - I can only wera them with trousers)

Baysmum · 27/03/2007 17:07

New Look are doing lovely leather ones in loads of bright colours for only £20 - so you can get a few pairs!!

Greenshoots · 27/03/2007 17:09

I have red satin ones with little bows, I love them (although they are now quite grubby)

deaconblue · 27/03/2007 18:32

ooh New Look, good idea, then I can treat myself to red ones and leopard print. I have cankles so was only thinking of them with trousers really

OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 27/03/2007 18:32

Message withdrawn

MintChocChippyMinton · 27/03/2007 18:34

just bought my first ever pair - aqua green suede , they are utterly divine [swoon]

deaconblue · 27/03/2007 18:34

maybe with your chicken feet but my old chubby ones fill shoes to the max

OP posts:
Baysmum · 27/03/2007 19:25

No blisters with the new look ones - honestly, they are lovely soft leather - honest

Baysmum · 27/03/2007 19:25

No blisters with the new look ones - honestly, they are lovely soft leather - honest

bluesky · 27/03/2007 19:35

M&S have cute leopard print ones for only £9.50 at the mo

BassMama · 27/03/2007 19:48

agree with the no blisters thing on New Look shoes - they are surprisingly good quality for the price!

deaconblue · 27/03/2007 19:59

my super high, suede ones with lovely bows on are surprisingly comfortable from New Look too. Will go ballerina shoe hunting tomorrow. Think shall get red patent, leopard print and chocolate brown at that price

OP posts:
newgirl · 28/03/2007 10:12

just got black snakeskin ballet pumps from new look 18 quid look great but just a little pinchy on the heel

not many left in safe colours - lots of yellow and green

couple of red ones

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