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Glasses ... are they really gendered?

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NotQuiteCockney · 22/03/2007 21:09

I think I am buying glasses tomorrow. The shop I'm using has no Mikli (don't get me started!), and I found myself liking some Zegna glasses, like this , with black frames. The website seems to think they're 'men's' glasses. Does it matter?

(Now I'm almost worried my current pair are men's glasses ... they're not pink! they don't have flowers on them! they must be men's glasses!)

OP posts:
franca70 · 22/03/2007 21:27

It wouldn't bother me. NQC, I started wearing glasses whn I was 1, so it's been 35 yrs now. I had black, blue, brown, even pink, currently dark green glasses.

NotQuiteCockney · 22/03/2007 21:32

I wore them from 8 to 15, then almost always contacts until I was 26 or something. I'm debating starting wearing contacts a fair bit now, though.

The women's glasses were naff, lots of them, and anyway, too narrow for my big old head.

OP posts:
franca70 · 22/03/2007 21:42

I've never succeeded in wearing contacts, couldn't stand them. Although I'm quite bored now, have been wearing glasses for 35 yrs now. I love the alain mikli red and black glasses.

NotQuiteCockney · 22/03/2007 21:45

I love alain mikli glasses, period.

Hmmm, maybe I am buying my glasses from the wrong store, given this ... I think I'll have a websearch.

OP posts:
franca70 · 22/03/2007 21:47

they might have them at vision express

kiminutter · 22/03/2007 21:48

I have a pair of Miklis, gorgeous semi-rimless. They are in the mens section of our store though! (I work at an opticians).

NotQuiteCockney · 22/03/2007 21:52

I've found a shop in central London that has a large selection of Mikli.

My problem is, though, the optician I've been dealing with so far has a special deal - if you go for contacts by post, you get 50% off glasses. This is a v tempting deal! I only have to do contacts by post for a month or something to have this work ...

OP posts:
franca70 · 22/03/2007 21:54

well, it is indeed a good deal. and mikli is not exactly cheap . Is it the website where the zegna come from?

franca70 · 22/03/2007 21:55


franca70 · 22/03/2007 21:55


NotQuiteCockney · 22/03/2007 21:57

It's 2020 optical store, on TCR, in town. I couldn't ever buy glasses from a website.

OP posts:
kiminutter · 22/03/2007 21:58

Most opticians can order a frame for you if they don't stock it, so it's well worth ringing round for the best deal. If you see the frame you want then make a note of the frame number and colour, and shop around!

NotQuiteCockney · 22/03/2007 22:00

I think a lot of the chains only deal with specific companies, unfortunately. When I mentioned Mikli, they said they didn't have it, at all.

DH can come with me to the store quickly tomorrow, so we will have a look. I did find two brands that I liked ok, and if we decide one is good I will probably just get it ...

OP posts:
franca70 · 22/03/2007 22:01

yes, I wouldn't either . sorry, I'm just knackered.

NotQuiteCockney · 22/03/2007 22:02

I know the feeling.

Someone I know was talking about buying glasses (ok, prescription sunglasses) online, and it's like, um, they need the distance between your eyeballs to make prescription glasses, don't they?

OP posts:
kiminutter · 22/03/2007 22:03

Vision Express have them! Good luck, you'll have to show us which ones you get!

franca70 · 22/03/2007 22:03

yes, and also how do you know if they remotely suit you or not? I actually find the process of buying glasses quite tiring... worse than buying a pair of trousers

kiminutter · 22/03/2007 22:06

Yeah, they need your PD (distance between your pupils) to fit the lenses, and you dont get them fitted over the net! Most frames need adjusting to fit you properly.

florenceuk · 22/03/2007 22:19

Glasses don't have to be gendered (DH and i luckily suit quite different shapes but we have similar tastes) but men don't tend to wear the sparkly glittery ones. A lovely shop to try on glasses is Arthur Morrice which is close to Harrods, on Beauchamp Place - they have a fantastic range, and very opinionated staff which is great when you are not sure what you want/what suits. Also take a digital camera (phone will do) and get them to take shots of you wearing them. David Clulow do Mikli as well and have lots of branches.

NotQuiteCockney · 23/03/2007 06:57

I might end up with a different brand. I'm quite impatient to replace my current glasses, lovely though they once were. They're nearly four years old. Something's gone wrong with the coating on one side, so I see a big blurry patch on the left. There's a chip (in the corner) on one lens. And they sit wonky, after a fall I had, when out running in the summer.

I did find some I liked ok when I was visiting the store the other day, so I'll visit with DH (and some contacts, for trying on), and see how I get on.

I'm not sure opinionated works for me, tbh. These guys have a whole 'guidance' thing, which amounts to 'if your face is square, you should buy glasses with curves in them.

They did seem to have a few ones with giant lenses. Which of course just means v v thick heavy lenses, for short-sighted people like me.

OP posts:
florenceuk · 23/03/2007 11:49

I have a pair of Lindberg Titanium with plastic rims and titanium side frames (looking at the website they are called 1000 acetananium) which were very expensive but really light and robust. I figure I wear them every day, they are fundamental to how I look, I'm worth it!

NotQuiteCockney · 23/03/2007 11:50

I ended up with a pair of 'Wall St' glasses, finally. They were under £200, which is the cheapest pair of glasses I've had in years!

They've got metal on the top, and are rimless on the bottom. Quite simple.

OP posts:
florenceuk · 23/03/2007 11:53

they sound nice!

BestMum69 · 10/07/2018 14:29

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