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atention mrsbadger adnd any other pg stylistas

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Tutter · 22/03/2007 13:57

next have some new maternity stock in

now i have plundered it to my satisfaction you may shop...

think i've already given my recommendations from earlier stick, but nice new stuff includes the choc beaded kaftan, the graphic print kaftan and the 'ergonomic' cropped jeans

OP posts:
Tutter · 22/03/2007 13:58


OP posts:
JackieNo · 22/03/2007 14:01

I think MrsBadger's on her way to Wales for the weekend.

What's 'ergonomic' about the jeans?

JackieNo · 22/03/2007 14:01

(not that I'm pg, just nosey)

MrsBadger · 25/03/2007 18:48

have my eye on the brown chiffon evening dress too...

(NB the weekend in Wales showed that Gap factory outlets currently have many non-mat tunics, tops etc v suitable as matwear. Not that I demanded DH pull off the motorway at Bridgend so I could go shopping, oh nooooo... )

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