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what would you wear?

23 replies

noddyholder · 21/03/2007 10:12

I am going to dinner (trendy london restaurant not over smart or stuffy)with my oldest friend sat pm and she has organised a bit of a reunion with some others I haven't seen since I had ds (13 yrs!)The last time they saw me I was skinny and lovely but am now podgier and old!I am 42 sixe 12-14 with big boobs and good legs.I want to look good but not over done Help!

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noddyholder · 21/03/2007 10:46


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ScottishThistle · 21/03/2007 10:49

What do you look good in?...I think I'd go for a dress if you've got good legs.

mamado · 21/03/2007 10:50

wrap dress and boots?

noddyholder · 21/03/2007 11:01

I think wrap dresses look funny on my boobs!I have some really nice black trousers really good fit and some nice high heeled round toe wedges also black.Maybe a tunic shape top in a nice colour?I have shoulder length red hair and I'm 5'4

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Psycho · 21/03/2007 11:05

skinny jeans with heels and a fitted tunic top with dangkly but funky earrings.

trendy, but not mutton and shows off your best bits.

Go to new Look for a cheap one off, night out outfit.

noddyholder · 21/03/2007 11:07

Have never looked there psycho will give it a look tomorrow thanks.Don't want to look mutton but last time they saw me I looked v different and I am imagining them all still looking thin and gorgeous and me having aged the most!

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Psycho · 21/03/2007 11:08

Do you have slim hips and bigish boobs?

i'm this ahpe, and this weekend, against my better judgement boght some leggings and a fitted grey tunic, tight around the hips (from mew Look of course) and new knee high black boots.

it actrually looks good and is flattering to that figure.

i was unsure, maybe give it a go??

Psycho · 21/03/2007 11:13

Quality isn't great, but it's fine if you're only going to wear it a few times goimg out.

They'll all have aged too, and you're figure at size 12-14 is one that i bet many women of your age would be very jealous of.

You sound like you've got a good shape, you may not be as skinny as you once were, but in the right clothes will still look hot.

Isn't it awful how all us women size each other up? Youknow they'll be doing it to you, and you'll be doing it to them. what's wrong with us all??

I'm sure once the sizing up is over though it'll be a great night.

satine · 21/03/2007 11:16

Principles had some nice tops, last time I went in, which were sexy but elegant, rather than Topshop mutton look. Or you could push the boat out and try Jigsaw; they have lovely stuff at the moment.

noddyholder · 21/03/2007 11:22

I have slim hips I am a 12 on the bottom half but boobs make me a 14 on top!Not much waist but not too fat either.I agree it is terrible pressure when deep down all I want is to see these friends again and their kids!I have really nice boots and shoes coats and bags etc so will try a few things on I think.Will look in Jigsaw too

OP posts:
Psycho · 21/03/2007 11:27

I know I'm thinkomg my Topshop days are over.

I was in there and loved all the granny type dresses and tunics that the young girls looked so funky in, but I just looked like I was someone granny. (or at least someone's mother who hadn't realised she is now over 35.)

I like H and M too, although you do have to make some careful choices in there, but I think they do cater for a broad age range.

Noddy do you have house of fraser? there is a range in therer called Lipsy, which does fitted tunics in silky/lycra type fabric in funky 70's/psycedlic patterns. I've bought 2 as they flatter big norks (not that preganant effect) and look good with jeans and leggings.

that top is my current (and only) night out top at present.

Oh warehouse also very good i think for our age range..that too old for Topshop but too young for BHS type group

Psycho · 21/03/2007 11:29

Your figure sounds very similar to mine.

I'd definetly try the skiny jeans with heels or leggings with boots.

i was very unsure about leggings, but with heeled boots they do look good.

noddyholder · 21/03/2007 11:39

I have leggings but have only worn them with black skirts and ballet pumps

OP posts:
Psycho · 21/03/2007 11:50

I don't thinbk I can get away with leggings and ballet pumps as my legs ar too short and look stubby. Can only get awy with boots with a heel myself.

sounds like yu have very good legs and should defeinetly show then off.
try the skinny jeans( i got mine in gap). loads of snazzy sparlky high heels around in the shops too, whick look good with jeans for a dressy night out, but not trying too hard look.

Go for a long shopping trip, all alone if you can and try on loads of things, and things you wouldn't normally wear.

they say when we're shopping what we are all really looking for is clothes just like the ones e've already got, as we know we like those, and we need to try to break that occasionally and try something new.

Psycho · 21/03/2007 23:06

Tell us what you get Noddy.

CODalmighty · 21/03/2007 23:07

not a farking wrap dress

tjhey are terrible

noddyholder · 22/03/2007 10:01

I am off shopping today.Principles JIgsaw Where else?I have just tried on my black trousers and they are good even a bit looser than they were!So am def wearing them with high heeled black mary janes so just need a top No wrap dresses cod I always look like my boons are trying to escape no matter how good the fit

OP posts:
crystalpony · 22/03/2007 10:03

Personally think you should avoid black trousers and go for a bit of colour and get those fab legs out!!!

puddle · 22/03/2007 10:05

Try wallis they had some nice stuff a couple of weeks ago. French Connection also have some nice tops at the moment.

Jigsaw frumpy and dull IMO!

ArcticRoll · 22/03/2007 10:10

Hi noddyholder, think you live in same city as me so as well as the shops you mentioned you could try
New Look
Wallis (it has improved recently)
Hope you have a good shopping trip!

Beetrootccio · 22/03/2007 10:20

if trousers are wide leg then wear fitted top. some greatin top shop and hennes.

cleavege would be good?

if not jeans and high shoes?

Psycho · 22/03/2007 10:46

Go to warehouse, i think they're great for our age group.

(sorry to make us sound like a Granny's brigade)

Psycho · 23/03/2007 10:38

So...whattcha get??

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