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who knows about hair colours?

15 replies

cheeryface · 20/03/2007 14:30

i have got long hair, darkish blonde. was wondering whether some colour to make it more blonde would be good.

is it highlights i need to ask for? is streaks the same thing?

or is colouring hair a recipe for poor condition?

please advise me, i have had the same trim for the last 20 years!

OP posts:
Gingermonkey · 20/03/2007 14:49

Streaks and high lights are the same thing. They are called all sorts nowadays too, I'm having some maxi lites on saturday (which are high lights, nothing more!) Anyway, I have my hair coloured every 3 weeks and have done for years. As long as you don't use a harsh bleach your hair will be fine. (so no Paris Hilton white blonde!)My only tip is to go to the best hairdressers you can afford and have a consultation beforehand. Have a flick through some magazines and take some pictures with you so the hairdresser has some idea of the look you are going for.

cheeryface · 20/03/2007 14:53

i remember once my hairdresser saying something about doing them underneath so they don't need re doing frequently???

OP posts:
Gingermonkey · 20/03/2007 15:02

You could have a mix of colours, ranging from darker than your natural colour to quite light blonde. (Think Jennifer Aniston). That looks quite natural. And those big wide chunky highlights (Geri Halliwell in Spice Girls era) are a big no-no. They look so fake and need touching up all the time. You could probably get 6-8 weeks out of your colour without having your roots done. Mine is very short so I get regrowth quickly (and I inspect my roots so that as soon as I see a dot of natural colour I'm back in the salon!!!). And only have foils, not a cap. You are right about them being underneath, the bulk of them are under the top section of hair.

cheeryface · 20/03/2007 15:13

thanx for helping gingermonkey.
so, if i had them underneath, i would have unsightly roots in 6-8 weeks?

i have never messed with my hair really, think claire from corry

off to collect the lads from school now

thanx again

OP posts:
cheeryface · 20/03/2007 15:13

btw, the hair is the only similarity to me and corry claire

OP posts:
Gingermonkey · 20/03/2007 15:15

Maybe not even that unsightly if you choose the right colours (or if your hairdresser does). Go and buy yourself a few mags and see what catches your eye and have fun - my hair changes all the time and I love it! (I tried blonde once but I looked awful - I'm all black at the mo but having some more colours put in this weekend, I'm very excited!) Good luck!

Gingermonkey · 20/03/2007 15:16

, was hoping that was the case!

nogoes · 20/03/2007 15:27

I only have mine done every 12-16 weeks. I only needed them done more often when I was very blonde. Bear in mind it is expensive, a cut & full head costs around £150 and cut and half head costs £100.

LaCerbiatta · 20/03/2007 15:31

Sorry for the hyjack, but gingermonkey: why not the cap, why are foils better? It's very hard to find a place that does the cap now and having done both I think it gives a much natural look. I hated when I had the foils done and then got the top of my had lighter than the hairs underneath iyswim. It looked so unnatural, specially because my hair is layered which means that the tips of my hair which should naturally be lighter because of the sun were darker, whereas the hairs on top, close to the roots should naturally be darker and were light.
Does this make sense? Should I be going to a nicer hairdresser?

Gingermonkey · 20/03/2007 15:40

Usually it's the other way round. (The foils look more natural). And caps are so out dated now it's only really the small local places that still do them. You obviously only get thin strips of colour with a cap whereas with foils you can have big thick stripes (if you were that way inclined!). I would say (without criticising!) it was probably the hairdressers fault.

LaCerbiatta · 20/03/2007 15:50

Why are foils more natural though? If as you say with caps you get much finer streaks?

Gingermonkey · 21/03/2007 07:43

Sorry, was busy last night, not ignoring you! I don't know why foils are better, I'm not a hairdresser, I just spend too much time in them and have a friend that works for Nicky Clarke. When I see him I will ask. In fact I'll text him and let you know!

Gingermonkey · 22/03/2007 14:38

ok, according to my friend there's no skill or precision involved with a cap and they are uneven.

LaCerbiatta · 22/03/2007 14:57

Yes, I read that somewhere as well (looked it up after asking the question). Thanks for asking though!
I'm really tempted to have some done now... I just can't get a colour that suits me by doing it at home... Hopefully they will come out better than last time...

Gingermonkey · 22/03/2007 17:50

tug, I know what you mean about finding a colour that suits you or you like. They never look the same as on the packet, do they?! IME I have found that the more I pay the happier I am with the result. Can't say the same about a hair cut though, I am ridiculously hard to please and never like what stylists do. Thankfully my friend now cuts it and he is really rather fab and seems to know what I want (although I can't go to the salon he works at because he only does colours there).

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