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We all agree Per Una is rubbish but what about M & S shoes recently?

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Fimbo · 14/03/2007 13:05

Nafftastic imo.

OP posts:
danceswithaSPRINGinherstep · 14/03/2007 13:08

I used to like Per Una but last time I went in I thought they were trying a bit too hard. Haven't seen the shoes, never find shoes in M & S so stopped looking. I'm off to Schuh as soon as I ditch the dc!

JackieNo · 14/03/2007 13:09

Some OK ballet pumps, but otherwise, yes, pretty dire. The odd plain one that's OK.

JackieNo · 14/03/2007 13:12

I see things like this , and really don't know what they're thinking. High heeled moccasins? Actually there's more nice stuff on the website than there is in the shops, imo.

PenelopePitstops · 14/03/2007 13:16

and these creations are truly vile........sooo 1990s!

fishie · 14/03/2007 13:16

m&s shoes have always been pretty ghastly though. and per una has always looked like an explosion in a trimmings factory.

Kelly1978 · 14/03/2007 13:18

per una er una are nice! I got some lovely jumpers in there. I like to have somethign with a bit of colour. Don't know about the shoes.

danceswithaSPRINGinherstep · 14/03/2007 13:18

Like the description fishie

Kelly1978 · 14/03/2007 13:19

I quite like those moccasins but not enough to buy them. The others are def vile.

bundle · 14/03/2007 13:47

have their sparkly sequiny converse-alikees

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