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What's the best beauty counter/shop in London for a makeup lesson (preferably free!)?

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franch · 13/03/2007 20:11

Tried a few years ago, in the run up to my wedding - Bobbi Brown was pretty good, guy at Fenwicks not brilliant, bit pushy about getting me to buy loads of expensive skincare, can't remember what the other one was ...

Time for an update I think, I'm stuck in a bit of a rut ... Anyone tried MAC? Anywhere else?

OP posts:
Ceolas · 13/03/2007 20:13

I think you have to pay for MAC but they give you the money back off products...

franch · 13/03/2007 20:17

That'd do - I imagine MAC'd be gooe. Have you tried them Ceolas? Or elsewhere?

OP posts:
franch · 13/03/2007 20:18

good not gooe

OP posts:
SherlockLGJ · 13/03/2007 20:18

Clarins are great.

franch · 13/03/2007 20:19

Is it free Sherlock?

OP posts:
Ceolas · 13/03/2007 20:19

I haven't but my sister has.

franch · 13/03/2007 20:19

Good results Ceolas?

OP posts:
MrsApron · 13/03/2007 20:20

was told by a make up artist to try mac as they are the only ones properly trained.

Earlybird · 13/03/2007 20:21

What about Space NK, or one of the counters at Harvey Nicks?

Ceolas · 13/03/2007 20:32

Yes I didn't see her myself but she was pleased

This was in Glasgow though.

AnneJones · 14/03/2007 09:34

I love Bobbi Brown! They're great - very natural, take their time etc.

sniff · 14/03/2007 09:36

mac is good but quick I didnt have to pay though

womblingalong · 14/03/2007 09:37

MAC better than Bobbi Brown IMHO, although I liked the colour products at BB, the foundations weren't as good as at MAC, you also get great application advice from MAC.


franch · 14/03/2007 16:33

Very helpful everyone, think I'll try MAC as I've been following the Bobbi Brown tips for about 8 years now!

OP posts:
bakedpotato · 14/03/2007 16:37

You don't have to pay at MAC, not unless you book in for a tutorial
Just sidle up to those terrifying girls and ask for help/say what you're after... the one who did me (Selfridges) gave me maybe 15/20 mins, really good advice

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