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I've got a £50 voucher to spend in Coast, Principles, Oasis or Wallis - what shall I buy?

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Gobbledigook · 13/03/2007 11:35

Links of lovely things to buy if you're not doing anything!

OP posts:
hoolagirl · 13/03/2007 12:06

What size are you, height, build, boobs?
Oh and what do you like? trendy, classic?

Gobbledigook · 13/03/2007 12:08

Am size 8-10 so slim. 5'6 Norks average sized.

Trendy but not high fashion that's for younger girls iyswim!

OP posts:
FioFio · 13/03/2007 12:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

brimfull · 13/03/2007 17:32

I love this top ,can be worn casually with jeans and dressed up aswell.

MakemineaGandT · 13/03/2007 17:53

Seeing as you're slim, how about this nice dress (25 quid in sale) with this bag to match (18 quid) and you'd still have money to spare!

hoolagirl · 13/03/2007 19:47

Sorry can't do links, but thought this was kinda trendy but not too OTT.

hoolagirl · 13/03/2007 19:48
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