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I am a fattie so what should my wedding dress look like?

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Smurfgirl · 08/03/2007 20:12

Am currently size 16, will be size 14/12 on wedding day I imagine (am on WW). Am fat but its like firm fat.

Love dresses like this -

What should I wear if strapless = salami arms.

Obv bolero but think it will be hot all day.

OP posts:
CarGirl · 08/03/2007 20:16

you need to go to a shop and try on lots of different dresses and find out what looks good on you now, it may be completely different to what you think. Take a friend with you who will give you honest advice.

Nockney · 08/03/2007 20:18

What Catgirl says. Also, what style suits depends on what sort of shape you are. I was an 18 when I got married, but pear-shaped, so had an empire line dress.

The one you link to looks nice, particularly if you're fairly norkish.

bristols · 08/03/2007 20:19

Smurf - that dress is beautiful. CarGirl is right. You need to try lots on. You will probably find that you end up with something completely different to what you think you want. I did! And you're not a fattie!!

Bobalina · 08/03/2007 20:20

I think that dress in your link is absolutely stunning. A size 12/14 is by no means fat and most things would look good.

I love that particular bolero btw

fishie · 08/03/2007 20:21

smurfy you aren't THAT big even at a 16, you can shop mainstream.

do you wear dresses in rl? what sort of tops suit you, are you pear apple or hourglass. how tall are you? what do you like?

Smurfgirl · 08/03/2007 20:24

I have tried that dress on and it looks fab btw.

I am 5'4", big boobs, fat tummy but with hips in proportion. Um, wear lots of vest tops? Duno, wear whats in fashion.

Am actually 16/18, but heading towards totally 16.

OP posts:
fishie · 08/03/2007 20:27

that dress really is nice. are you good with straight across neckline though? do you usually wear that, scoop, v, poloneck??

Bobalina · 08/03/2007 20:30

I am very

that dress is just gorgeous.

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