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Bras and swimsuits. Help.

7 replies

rabbitrabbit · 06/03/2007 12:33

Hello, would be grateful for any pointers to where I can buy some decent every-day bras, and a good swimsuit, for G cups!

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fishie · 06/03/2007 12:35

figleaves is good

rabbitrabbit · 06/03/2007 13:54

Thanks fishie; I'll have a look x

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JackieNo · 06/03/2007 13:56

And Bravissimo, definitely.

twocatsonthebed · 06/03/2007 13:56

also bravissimo - the saviour of the large-norked...

LazyLine · 06/03/2007 13:56

Bravissimo do swimsuits with bras inside. I know figleaves do some too.

LazyLine · 06/03/2007 13:57

x posted.

rabbitrabbit · 06/03/2007 19:20

Thanks everyone; will look at both the companies mentioned

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