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Hands up - who would honestly wear this T shirt?

21 replies

Socci · 04/03/2007 20:13

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
monkeymonkeymoomoo · 04/03/2007 20:17

Can't open the link??

fransmom · 04/03/2007 20:18

does that come with a bright, day-glo pink headband (a la mark knopfler stylee) as well?

Scootergirl · 04/03/2007 20:18


paulaplumpbottom · 04/03/2007 20:19

Absolutly not

monkeymonkeymoomoo · 04/03/2007 20:19

Ummmm.... I'm speechless...

Socci · 04/03/2007 20:19

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
kittylette · 04/03/2007 20:19

i would

expatinscotland · 04/03/2007 20:20

They want £22 for THAT ugly rag?!

Who the hell buys these things?

FrannyandZooey · 04/03/2007 20:20

I'd look an idiot in it but I think it could look funny on the right person

brimfull · 04/03/2007 20:21

extortinate crap imo

MrsSpoon · 04/03/2007 20:21

Might wear it to the aerobics, although not at that price. Had my eye on a Little Miss Bossy one (once again for aerobics) in New Look but not sure if I've got the guts to wear it.

lou33 · 04/03/2007 20:24

i have a little miss trouble t shirt

i want the mr t one after browsing that site

Socci · 04/03/2007 20:24

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 04/03/2007 20:25

You're kidding, Socci, non?

I'll use one of my best friends' expressions: That's pitiful.

lou33 · 04/03/2007 20:26

oh now i really want the lynyrd skynyrd one

HumphreysCorner · 04/03/2007 20:28

Er-it isn't too bad but then I would say that as I wear some of these ladies skinny T-Shirts

FioFio · 04/03/2007 20:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland · 04/03/2007 20:29

It's a rip off.

mousiemousie · 04/03/2007 20:29

my dd aged 7 would like it

kittylette · 04/03/2007 20:30

id wear it, but i wouldnt buy it for £22
i havent got any tshirts like that really anymore, i have got one with my fave UFC fighter on, but i tend to only wear it on fight days, or in bed to wind DP up

Socci · 04/03/2007 20:32

Message withdrawn

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