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Opinions on dress please

10 replies

FoghornLeghorn · 27/02/2007 13:41

I know it's from asos but what do you think ?

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NomDePlume · 27/02/2007 13:42

grim, too short and pouffy

southeastastra · 27/02/2007 13:44


FoghornLeghorn · 27/02/2007 13:44

Tis a bit short but thought I could overcome that with tights. I need something with sleeves as top of arm (along with pretty much the rest of me) haven't quite reached pre-baby measurements yet.

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FoghornLeghorn · 27/02/2007 13:45

Ok Get the picture.

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Walnutshell · 27/02/2007 13:49

Umm, I kind of like it. Not sure about the length, probably helps to have long legs... Have bagged a few bargains on Asos although admittedly they also sell some utter toss.
Colour you were thinking of?

Aloha · 27/02/2007 13:49

I think it would make you look massive unless you were Keira Knightley/Sienna Miller sized.

BarryTook · 27/02/2007 13:50

why is it not 'in the style of whoevere'?

tis v short

Walnutshell · 27/02/2007 13:54

With leggings and slouchy boots? Maybe it's just the pattern I like. Have you already bought it Fog?

Walnutshell · 27/02/2007 13:56

Or slimfit jeans and wedges...?

FoghornLeghorn · 27/02/2007 13:57

Am defo not that Aloha so that is the dress well and truly and out of the window .

I am currently a size 12 and have 1 stone left of baby weight to shift, BIL is getting married in June and have hen night to go on at end of May. There are going to be lots of people my sort of age group so don't want to wear something someone else is going to turn up in.
We are going to the dogs in Walthamstow and the onto Charlie Chans ( I so don't do clubbing either )

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