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i feel crap cos i'm such a bad mum :(

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pinkbubbles · 26/02/2007 13:44

i find looking after ds really draining. i am one of these people who needs 10 hours sleep and i find myself leaving him to play on the floor while i have a 2 hour nap just to get through the day. i hate being in the house with him at the weekend but don't have anywhere to particularly go. i don't know how to entertain him for that long and find myself constantly trying to get friends to come over or go out with, which usually involves spending far too much money on eating out or going shopping. the worst of it is i don't see him really during the week so i feel awful that i don't want to spend every minute with him at the weekend. he's 8 months old btw.

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pinkbubbles · 26/02/2007 13:44

sorry wrong topic shall move this somewhere else.

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Tutter · 26/02/2007 13:45

ooh, don't think this belongs in style pb!

you sound perfectly normal (except the 10hrs sleep bit . it's perfectly reasonable to want some time out. does your dh/p not help out at weekends?

pinkbubbles · 26/02/2007 13:53

unfortunately there is no dp, so no. have moved this to lone parents now.

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