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FAB WEBSITE!!!!!!!! LOOK!!!!!!

10 replies

lissielou · 24/02/2007 18:41


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lissielou · 24/02/2007 22:09


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lissielou · 25/02/2007 10:23


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Walnutshell · 27/02/2007 14:15

Bargain! Wonder what quality is like?

twojags · 27/02/2007 18:47

Nice stuff but annoying website

chocolateshoes · 27/02/2007 19:00

Some really nice stuff there - yes wonder what quality and sizing is like. Where did you find out about it? Were they reviewed?

Skyler · 27/02/2007 19:04

They were at The Clothes Show when I went and gave me a free bag. Sorry I don't know what the quality is like though as I haven't actually ordered anything. I hate buying clothes on line. I think I am a funny shape. Things always have to go back.

Tortington · 27/02/2007 19:06

ok if your smaller than a size 14

Lmccrean · 27/02/2007 19:06

Gonna order now - Will let you know on Thursday what the stuff is like!

chocolateshoes · 27/02/2007 19:07

Might take the plunge with one of their tops. Bottoms can go far too wrong!

Lmccrean · 28/02/2007 12:47

OK, so I placed the order last night (website IS anightmare - kept sending me to different pages randomly). the order confirmation came pretty quick, but with a different total price than it said online, then the shipping confirmation came today with the correct prices and all the items doubled up, but with quanity 0 beside some of them...very bizarre.

Shoudl be able to tell you what the clothes are like by 1pm tomorrow!

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