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The M&S bilboard ads - anyone else wonder why they feature clothes that look like they've been made in GCSE sewing class out of curtains?

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Kif · 24/02/2007 18:22

That grey spotty... smock

The brocade coat..


I've quite like some of their stuff recently, too.

And the models look like something out of Dr Who

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marthamoo · 24/02/2007 18:26

That grey and yellow blobby smock thing...with those boots...absolutely minging. That smock looks like the dresses my Mum used to make on her sewing machine in the 70s.

Kif · 24/02/2007 18:46

Yeah, that's the one!

Is it, like, a public service to print it on such a big poster? Like,in case anyone might have accidentally bought it without realising how ugly it was?

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