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What would you wear to a family reunion?

8 replies

Aufish · 23/02/2007 16:18

Hi, I'm looking for some advice as to what to wear to a family reunion. Am a size 10/12 on the bottom half and a size 10 on top, usually a jeans and polo neck kind of person but do like to dress up every now and then. Do I go for the dress up or just everyday kind of wear?

OP posts:
Saturn74 · 23/02/2007 16:19

Where is the reunion going to be held?
Hotel, restaurant, someone's house?
That would determine how formal it is, I guess.

ThisFrogIsGonnaWhoopYouAss · 23/02/2007 16:20

I would go for either a dress or a smart trouser suit, in a knock em dead kinda way

MrsBadger · 23/02/2007 16:22

depends on formality and the impression you want to convey - twinsetted domestic goddess, besuited professional, alluring vixen...

Aufish · 23/02/2007 16:23

Big family house I think and I have no idea what the dress code is as I haven't been told, I'm sorry I haven't got any more information, just been told in the last couple of days it is happening and am now at a kind of crossroads as to what to wear. Kids are going in their best and I have a good mind to go in my best as well, but I also want to be comfortable which my everyday clothes are.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 23/02/2007 16:24

best jeans, proper shoes and nicer jumper than normal then?
(unless you are the tall slender flatchested type who looks effortlessly elegant in fitted polonecks)

Aufish · 23/02/2007 16:32

I am rather flat chested - 34B so do look good in polonecks, got about 10 in my wardrobe! Am actually the centre of the family reunion, so was wondering whether to go for the whole knock them dead kind of outfit, but because of the fact I'm the guest of honour and am going to be on show, am really nervous and so the jeans and poloneck look makes me feel safe. Am so all over the place at the moment and can't think straight, so here I am asking for opinions.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 23/02/2007 16:37

I stand by best jeans, nice shoes and a new jumper
just because wearing something new and glam will make you feel good about how you look

Aufish · 23/02/2007 16:41

Thank you Mrs Badger, it is very appreciated, am getting the jitters at the moment and want to run away, its abit like getting married, got really cold feet! Thanks for getting my head on straight style wise for me.

OP posts:
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