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What should i wear to get married?

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canella · 21/02/2007 12:17

Finally got round to booking the wedding after 10 years and 3 kids later!! Its in the middle of summer at a registry office - any ideas what to wear or where to buy it? I'm in my early 30's, tall with pale celtic complexion - a definite size 14 but maybe i might be down at a 12 if i keep up with the exercise till then. I'm in the NW of England.
Any ideas?

OP posts:
incy · 21/02/2007 12:20

Monsoon does nice bridal wear monsoon

fishie · 21/02/2007 12:24

congratulations! do you want a weddingy dress or party dress or a cocktail dress or what?

MrsBadger · 21/02/2007 12:29

If you want a Wedding Dress it often pays to go to a proper bridal shop and try on a bunch of different styles as what you think will suit you may look ghastly on and vice versa. You needn't buy from there, just note the shapes that work and go somewhere cheaper.
Or BHS has some surprisingly nice stuff.

If you wanted something a bit less trad, Ghost have beautiful summer dresses with a kind of floaty boho vibe.

pesme · 21/02/2007 12:29

i got a nice skirt and top (still bfing at the time) from coast for mine. it is a good excuse to spend more money than normal on a really nice outfit. what do you fancy?

canella · 21/02/2007 12:29

Sorry i should have said - i really dont want the whole proper bridal dress. I was thinking of something knee length but apart from that i've no idea

OP posts:
incy · 21/02/2007 12:32

Would agree that Coast does some nice dresses/skirt-top combos.

MrsBadger · 21/02/2007 12:35

oh yes, Coast

Also consider Jigsaw, Whistles and LK Bennett, and maybe Hobbs.

incy · 21/02/2007 12:36


TeeCee · 21/02/2007 12:38

Or you do what my mates did and have a charity shop wedding dress theme! It was hilarious! We all camped in a field in the IOW and wore mad outfits, had costume changes and wore wellies etc. Great laugh.

Hmmm maybe not for you though.

I would say Ghost would be good.

TeeCee · 21/02/2007 12:39

Oh and I mean GHOST, not Coast, although I'm sure Coast is very nice as well.

liquidclocks · 21/02/2007 12:40

If you go to 'virgin' bride in Manchester (just up the road from monsoon) they have loads of 'tea' length dresses and they are gorgeous. You can get them in pretty much any style, any colour - worth a visit if just to try on loads of different things to find out what you like best and look good in

incy · 21/02/2007 12:41

Perhaps worth booking an appointment with a personal shopper at a big department store. If you are near to London then Selfridges has a lot of different brands or perhaps a local John Lewis. Basically you tell them the sort of item you need and they will make suggestions. No obligation to buy.

MrsBadger · 21/02/2007 12:42

... also Liberty, if your budget will take it - they have some seriously nice stuff.

canella · 21/02/2007 12:47

thnaks for all those suggestions! i had thought of coast and since we're only having a very small wedding there's less chance of someone turning up in the same outfit!! The last wedding i went too every other woman was in a coast outfit! Might try booking a personal shopper at selfridges or john lewis in manchester

OP posts:
slug · 21/02/2007 13:02

Another vote for ghost. I wore one of theris to my wedding.

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