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OMG imagine you are getting married, you are a man quivering at the altar and this strides down the aisle...

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CountessDracula · 15/02/2007 16:05

eek you would run a mile would you not?

SCARY bride!

OP posts:
ILoveBeingWelshBoris · 15/02/2007 16:05

Did you see the photos of that chavvy wedding?

BustyMamaG · 15/02/2007 16:06

oh God v scary bride

Cloudhopper · 15/02/2007 16:07

I can see what you mean.

expatinscotland · 15/02/2007 16:07

But that's a bridesmaid dress.

Another, f&%ing strapless^ dress.

PeachyClairColouredRoses · 15/02/2007 16:07

Really???? I love that dress LOL!!!!!

Mind you I married in gun metal grey

CountessDracula · 15/02/2007 16:07

I wish I could find the ugly wedding dresses site it was sooo funny

I think it has gone now

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 15/02/2007 16:08

Not so much the dress as the "touch me and I will slit your jugular" look - hardly a blushing bride

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 15/02/2007 16:09

weirdy eyebrows, I agree.

nailpolish · 15/02/2007 16:09

cd - good match last night

ljungberg (or wahtever) SWOON

hijack over

CountessDracula · 15/02/2007 16:12

ooh yes
we had just been saying how past it he was and boom!

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