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HAIRSTYLING help needed...

8 replies

noonar · 11/02/2007 19:38

how do you achieve that messed up pony tail/ bun look, with tufts sticking out in a messy yet deliberate way????

anyone know the look i'm trying to describe?!

OP posts:
noonar · 11/02/2007 19:43

anyone??? i need to put my hair up NOW as am going out and the blow drying's gone wrong. the man at toni and guy made it look so easy!

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noonar · 11/02/2007 19:45


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fin54 · 11/02/2007 19:48

use loads of hair spray and work it into the look you want.

brimfull · 11/02/2007 19:49

tie up pony tail but don't pull it all the way through as if you hadn't noticed

gothicmama · 11/02/2007 19:50

pull it in to a pony tail then fold up as you put the band round then pull out strands or leave as it is

noonar · 11/02/2007 19:50

bugger, dont have any. it waas the bun thing that i'm unsure about. do i use a hiarband or clip or what??

OP posts:
brimfull · 11/02/2007 19:50

or take pony tail and clip it up with one of those big clippy things that look like huge claws.

noonar · 11/02/2007 19:50

X post. tahnks. will have a go

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