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Black knitted dress for wedding?

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TravellingontheClaphamOmnibus · 09/02/2007 23:29

I'm going to a wedding next month and am yet to lose my post pregnancy weight. I have an unworn black sweater dress that I bought over christmas which I thought would cover all sins. It does but I never wore it because I'm breastfeeding and a really didn't want to pull up a dress and expose my knickers!

But, I've been invited to a wedding and we're leaving baby behind with a ton of EBM so plan to wear the dress. I don't want to buy a new dress as the weight is falling off. I have some lovely teal shoes which I plan to wear.

Does this sound OK for a wedding? It's at a registry office and then to a rather nice restaurant for lunch.

Will do hair in curlers in glam loose curls. Do you think this will do?

OP posts:
themildmanneredjanitor · 09/02/2007 23:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

REIDnotREEDorREAD · 09/02/2007 23:32

that sounds really nice!

With the added bonus of not having to breathe in all day and enjoy the nice lunch properly!

Hope you have a lovely time!

a nice teal handbag to match the shoes would finish the outfit off too

hunkermunker · 09/02/2007 23:34

Not as the bride.

TravellingontheClaphamOmnibus · 09/02/2007 23:35

The dress was from M and S but isn't on the site now. It is just above the knee, scoop necked with long sort of puff ball sleeves. It has a tie at the back to give a waist.

OP posts:
TravellingontheClaphamOmnibus · 09/02/2007 23:36

Was also going wear black opaque tights. Have good legs and huge norks.

OP posts:
BassMama · 10/02/2007 00:15

Wow that sounds like a brill outfit, and hair sounds great too.

Sounds perfect for a small classy wedding. Ger a bag and some accessories to match the shoes and you'll be upstaging the bride!

I too have great legs and lovely, big boobies. LOVE to show off both at every opportunity! go girl!

DimpledThighs · 11/02/2007 05:38

sounds really great - but won't you be BOILIING HOT???

paulaplumpbottom · 11/02/2007 09:22

Not sure about wearing black to a wedding.

DimpledThighs · 11/02/2007 09:36

I have worn balck for weddings a few times - didn't think it was a no-no, but I was a goth in my informative years.

DimpledThighs · 11/02/2007 09:37


paulaplumpbottom · 11/02/2007 09:57

I don't think its a huge no no but it is a wedding, a time for celebration.

MrsBadger · 11/02/2007 17:06

yes sounds fine - have worn black to many weddings and so long as you do Chic not Funereal you'll be fine.

get a lovely teal bag to go with the shoes

TravellingontheClaphamOmnibus · 11/02/2007 20:44

Thanks. I'm going to go for it because I'm on maternity leave and am sticking to very tight budget to allow me to stay off for longer.

I don't think I'll be hot - it's only 4 weeks away!

OP posts:
NbgsYellowFeathers · 11/02/2007 20:46

I did a black dress to my BIL's wedding. Had my hair like you described and wore teal shoes and a hair piece which had teal feathers in.

I think it sounds lovely.

Pannacotta · 11/02/2007 21:56

Think it sounds nice and chic but maybe add a bit more colour, perhaps a large pendant or earrings with some colour/s, or a hair accessory, just sth to give it a lift and stop it from looking too dark. Also might sheer black tights look less serious than opaque, esp if you have good pins? Enjoy the wedding...

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