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I can't seem to wear those nice loose cardgian tops

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TinyGang · 01/02/2007 11:21

...without them looking like maternity clothes.

I really liked this cardigan from Asda but it looks either too 'materninty' or maybe it's just too young looking for me.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 01/02/2007 11:23

I look appalling in them too. Stick to things that fit and look good and sod faddish trends, I say.

TinyGang · 01/02/2007 11:30

I know - you're right of course.

Ususally I sidestep a trend like say skinny jeans, cos not only would I look god awful in them (pear shape) but I wouldn't be able to squeeze a toe in anyway.

The cardi fitted just fine - I just looked like I was wearing something that beonged to my 8 yr old dd (who would look lovely in anything).

OP posts:
anniemac · 01/02/2007 12:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Cappuccino · 01/02/2007 12:19

oh god no

I would look like a big woolly ball

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