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Nice winter coat for a 9yo girl (not black or brown)

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Katymac · 30/01/2007 19:56

DD has managed to kill her winter coat

So I'd like to buy one to last for next year too

I really like the La Redoute duffle coat in the lilac colour - but £35 is a lot to pay in case she grows this summer

Any ideas??

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Thelittlesoldiersmummy · 30/01/2007 19:59

The funky duffle coat on Mini Bodens web site is nice but thats £35 too in the sale but its size 9-10 so should last her to next year!

Katymac · 30/01/2007 20:11

I could get the lilac one in that size - but she does tend to grow in the summer/autumn I'm a bit wary

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