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suitable bag required whilst out with toddler is bagpack style a definite nono!!!

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firstmum45 · 29/01/2007 14:43

My dd has just turned 2 whenever I can I let her walk but I still need to take a buggy along in case she gets tired etc. However coping with a child and pram I find that my large leather handbag is too cumbersome and is always falling off my shoulder.

Any one any ideas for a suitable bag. A backpack type one sounds great as it will leave my hands free whilst keeping valuables safe. Are they considered naff or ok.

Anyone with lively toddlers any useful suggestions. Thanks

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 29/01/2007 15:21

backpack unfortunately naff

Assuming by now you've honed the kit you're carrying down to a bare minimum, the cross-body bags from Radley thus are quite neat, or indeed any bag with a strap long enough to sling across you when you need to push buggy and hold a hand simultaneously. Next have a few, or have a poke round Debenhams.

fortyplus · 29/01/2007 15:25

Back packs might be naff but they're easily the most practical way of carting your stuff around. Or why not just loop the strap of your handbag thru the handle of your pushchair?

nailpolish · 29/01/2007 15:32

i have this across the body bag

next have a few different styles


slalomsuki · 29/01/2007 15:49

Try Kipling bags, I get mine from ebay.

They are washable and are like a tardis, small on the outside and have masses of room on the inside. I have a Breezer version or an Sugar version for my toddler and they go across the body.

Twiglett · 29/01/2007 15:51

what do you need to take ou twith you though

if in nappies can you slip a couple of nappies some wipes and nappy bags (if you use them) in the bottom of the buggy

what else do you need to take? .. really?

FluffyMummy123 · 29/01/2007 15:53

Message withdrawn

beckybrastraps · 29/01/2007 15:57

I have a back pack too. Not an outdoors-y one though. It's black leather, A4 size.

I like big bags even when I'm out by myself really. I need to carry books, a newspaper...

nailpolish · 29/01/2007 15:57


firstmum45 · 29/01/2007 20:16

Thanks for the advice.The radley bags look really good however my last Radley bag scuffed really quickly as the leather was so lovely and soft, but these do look really good.

Will check the kipling bag also


OP posts:
clayre · 29/01/2007 20:20

i just put my keys, purse and fone in ds thomas the tank bag! dont see the point in carrying 2 bags

fortyplus · 30/01/2007 10:15

Yes - great idea to get the kid to carry the naff bag!

Gemmasmummyplusoneintummy · 30/01/2007 11:37

I find backpacks uncomfortable and I don't like the fact that somebody could reach into it behind my back. I also have to take the whole thing off to get at anything and they don't fit comfortably on the handle of the pushchair. Instead I have a large soft handbag with a strap long enough to put over the handle of the pushchair (but not so long that it touches the ground when I do this) or over my shoulder. I find shortish, narrow straps stay on my shoulder better, wide, long straps always fall off. Could your toddler carry some of their own stuff in a little backpack? My DD has one for her spare clothes etc. when she goes to childminder and will probably use this when she starts preschool. She loves wearing it and looks very cute.

foxtrot · 30/01/2007 11:43

Across the body works well, pick a lightweight one. Next have several. I toyed with a radley but they are not really big enough for me, i don't carry masses of stuff but like to be able to stash shopping etc in it if necessary. If only there was a longchamp pliage in this style...

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