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what do you wear on Nothing Days?

32 replies

CamomileTea · 28/01/2007 12:05

On weekends often we do very little

we often go to the library after dd's dance class and get a DVD to watch with popcorn

I have nothing to wear for these occasions. I know this sounds stupid but I have no loungewear

I wear jeans and skirts during the week but don't feel comfy curled up on a sofa in them, not even boyfriend jeans. They just feel stiff and restrictive.

At present I have my tracksuit bottoms on from my gym bag which is sad

I read an article the other day singing the praises of a velour tracksuit which sounds very snuggly but, as DH says, surely a velour tracksuit can Never Be Right?

I want something nice and comfy cosy to lounge in of a weekend but that I can still go out to the shops in without looking like some sad old hag


OP posts:
northerner · 28/01/2007 12:12

Well we are having a nothing day today. I am wearing combats with a nice belt and a fitted grren hoodie. If I gou out I'll wear mt Timberlands and a cap.

I also have clothes for loungeing in but not going out in, these are various trackie bottoms. I do have a velour track suit, but I hardly wear it out!

Greensleeves · 28/01/2007 12:13

Am currently sporting 10yo "white" dressing gown and nothing else (well, some jewellery)

mousiemousie · 28/01/2007 12:13

Bright coloured cords?

OR else just stay in your PJs

colditz · 28/01/2007 12:16

Plain black bootcut tracksuit bottoms. No stripes.

Never Velour, or you will be hunted down and shot by the Righteous.

wurlywurly · 28/01/2007 12:18

jammies and my wedding ring (oh and a huge zit on my chin)

NappiesGalore · 28/01/2007 12:23

on nothing days, i pick out an ensemble from the pile on the floor which is neither clean (unworn) nor dirty (worn but not smelly or covered in snot/banana/poo) sometimes with comical results.
today is not so bad...

wear pj's till you wanna go out, then throw on jeans if you do. you may be over analysing...

sweetheart · 28/01/2007 12:28

On days when I'm staying in tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie will do.

If I'm going out I wear combats with a hoodie my timberland boots and a body warmer

pinkchampagne · 28/01/2007 12:33

I'm having a nothing day today & am wearing a skirt, just because it's comfortable. Would normally wear jeans or combats with either a fitted top or a jumper.

littlerach · 28/01/2007 12:38

One of those days today and I ma wearing an ancient Gap sweatshirt and jeans.
Scarily, dd1 dressed herself and she is wearing the same a sme! But different colours.

TravellingontheClaphamOmnibus · 28/01/2007 12:42

Yoga pants and a nice white tee. Will wear denim jacket if I venture out but probably won't as its a bit cold.

foxtrot · 28/01/2007 12:44

surely it is wrong to mention tracksuit, velour or otherwise on a style thread?

CamomileTea · 28/01/2007 12:49

I thought so fox!

Will start whole thread on this ridiculous article later (when the magazine is on teh shelves; I got it through the post) so you can all cow about it with me

you're all right, I am overthinking.

OP posts:
foxtrot · 28/01/2007 12:56

Nudity seems to be my DCs choice for Nothing Days!
Ooh, what mag was it? I though velour trackies were finished about five years ago?

brimfull · 29/01/2007 00:01

H&M do some nice yoga style trousers,that's what I wear on nothing days or in the evenings,don't tumble dry them though or you'll look as ridiculous as I do right as they shrink

kittylette · 29/01/2007 00:05

i wear my 'pj cotton bottoms' and a comfy tight fitted tshirt, just something 'cute' from newlook, ect - with a hoodie

then if i need to pop out ill throw some soft jeans on

hunkermunker · 29/01/2007 00:06

Nothing, if it's hot.

More if it's cold.

If I'm staying in though, I don my spiderman suit.

hunkermunker · 29/01/2007 00:06




twinsetandpearls · 29/01/2007 00:09

I got some gorgous yoga pants with a matching itmes from TK Maxx this week, very comfy I might even wear them when we fly to florida.

If I am not leaving the house I wear pyjamas or yoga pants.

PinkTulips · 29/01/2007 00:10

i stay in my trackie bottoms in the house and pop on jeans if forced to go outside.. then change back in the house... can't stand being uncomfortable at home!

JanH · 29/01/2007 00:11

I have yoga type trousers too, ggirl - mine have to be from Long Tall Sally and even so are a bit flappy around the ankle if I do wear them outside, with shoes, but sooo comfortable. And baggy lineny ones in the summer.

I find the whole concept of loungewear quite scary - belongs with housecoats and hairnets aaaargh.

JanH · 29/01/2007 00:12

twinset, what is an itmes please?

VeniVidiVickiQV · 29/01/2007 00:12

I wear yoghurt pants.

VeniVidiVickiQV · 29/01/2007 00:13

But only if I have thrush

VeniVidiVickiQV · 29/01/2007 00:13

They're only cheep ones though.

twinsetandpearls · 29/01/2007 00:13

items - sorry am typing with a chest infection so keep coughing and hitting the wrong key and the cat keep running across the keybaord!

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