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Please help me find a handbag

44 replies

Imafairy · 26/01/2007 10:39

Who fancies a challenge?

I need (need , perhaps want is more apt) a new handbag that fits the following requirements:

Tan, or some shade of light brown
Two straps
Big enough to hold everyday stuff (but not too big)
Preferably with a zip
MUST be leather


OP posts:
nailpolish · 26/01/2007 10:40

price range? or not bothered

Imafairy · 26/01/2007 10:42

Would love to say "not bothered" and mean it........I think I could probably go up to £250.........(but don't tell DH!)

OP posts:
nailpolish · 26/01/2007 10:42

oh goody!

off to search...

TrinityRhino · 26/01/2007 10:44


holy cow

lucky you

although even if I had that to spend I'd buy an xbox 360 instead lol

sweetmonkey · 26/01/2007 10:48

doesnt have a zip but i have it and i think its lovely


nailpolish · 26/01/2007 10:49

billy bag

scroll down - leather shoulder bag, further down - leather shopper

that sort of thing?

nailpolish · 26/01/2007 10:50


Imafairy · 26/01/2007 10:52

actually prefer the Billy Bag Eliza Bronze Large Shoulder Bag, thought would like something a bit less structured and more flexible (sho I can shove more junk in!)

OP posts:
JackieNo · 26/01/2007 10:53

This one looks good ,
also this , though it may be a bit small?

Imafairy · 26/01/2007 10:54

I am also liking this

OP posts:
Enid · 26/01/2007 10:57

this kind of thing?

or or this? its in brown too

JackieNo · 26/01/2007 10:58

More here , here , or here ?

nailpolish · 26/01/2007 11:00

j lewis

AeFondKiss · 26/01/2007 11:02

enid I like the rushi patti one very nice, the dune one is good too,

just being nosey

JackieNo · 26/01/2007 11:02

also one from Plumo?

nailpolish · 26/01/2007 11:04

that plumo one is great

Imafairy · 26/01/2007 11:05

Oh my god - this is handbag porn at its best!!!!

The Rushi Patti one is great, and I like the Plumo one too....

keep 'em coming!!!!!!

OP posts:
AeFondKiss · 26/01/2007 11:06

oh yes!

these are fab bags, wish I had some money!

nailpolish · 26/01/2007 11:07

net a porter bargain!

nailpolish · 26/01/2007 11:08

juicy couture

Imafairy · 26/01/2007 11:09

Don't think I'm cool enough for that NP - you're doing a great job though!!!!!!!

OP posts:
nailpolish · 26/01/2007 11:11

reason #1 to stretch budget

reason #2

Imafairy · 26/01/2007 11:18

Need to steer clear of suede though- smelly dirty Tube travellers mean that anything made of a remotely delicate fabric ends up dirty and scuffed.

OP posts:
anniemac · 26/01/2007 12:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nailpolish · 26/01/2007 12:13

imafairy, i know what you mean about suede, but i have a prada suede bag and its even more gorgeous since its got slightly battered

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