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Is anyone else still waiting for Next Sale items ?

12 replies

Whizzz · 23/01/2007 17:59

I have had part of my order but am still waiting for 2 anyone else in the same boat ? Not sure whether to wait a bit longer or try & chase it up

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 23/01/2007 18:00

Same here! I have received some of my order, but some bits haven't yet arrived. I was kind of presuming they were out of stock.

LIZS · 23/01/2007 18:04

yes and will probably cancel now, foudn some elsewhere - kids ski trousers that probably won't fit anyway (judging by the ones I did receive for dd and returned)and were due in 2 weeks when I chased 2 weeks ago .

Pinkchampagne · 23/01/2007 18:30

Yes, I must say that it may not be such a bad thing if the rest of my order doesn't turn up now, as I have ended up spending more than I intended to on other sale items this month!

spykid · 23/01/2007 19:13

still receiing some of mine .
Rang them and they assured me theyWIll still arrive

BigCookLittleCook · 23/01/2007 19:33

Arrgh had completely forgotten that one item was not included and am still waiting, it was a month ago .

Thanks for reminder will chase them (still also waiting for something from Blooming Marvellous from order on 10 Dec...)

LIZS · 18/02/2007 18:23

Anyone else still waiting ? Rang and cancelled today , hopefully they will credit back my cc asap.

ILoveBeingWelshBoris · 18/02/2007 18:27


Had a gillet for DD yesterday, last weeks DPs coat came. Still waiting for my jeans.

Taking it's time!

LIZS · 18/02/2007 18:36

Bit cr&p to wait 2 months though.

usandnosleep · 18/02/2007 18:50

Yep still waiting here. Put in a large order and most of it arrived within a day or two but some items are still outstanding.
Have a delivery from our local friendly courier every week at the min!

zippitippitoes · 18/02/2007 19:08

yes one top arrived on xmas eve the rest in bits since

two blokes came on tues and knocked At the door with a delivery..thy then hunted for about twenty miniutes in the van for a large rug and didn't have it

also waiting for ajumper it think

but i haven't paid for them so not over bothered

very odd practice though..I have a website and i think it is very odd to take as long

rather odd to sell all this stuff without it being in stock

LIZS · 18/02/2007 19:21

I know zippi. When I worked in retail there is no way we'd be expecting winter stock in so late. You'd assume the sale is to clear out their warehouse ready for the new season. They are hardly likely to sell much skiwear come March/April and i wasn;t even advsied that delivery was imminent.

Chipstick · 26/02/2007 19:23

yippee - something I ordered on 221206 arrived yesterday!!

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