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Boyfriend jeans, what footwear is required, oh stylish ones?

16 replies

foxtrot · 17/01/2007 14:43

Just got a darkish, distressed pair, quite long, what should i be putting on my feet, so as not to look like sad mummy belatedly jumping on the fashion bandwagon????

OP posts:
womblingalong · 17/01/2007 14:45

Chunky platforms or wedges?

pooka · 17/01/2007 14:45

Flat tennis shoes? I have some quite nice ones from Boden. Am a bit concerned I look rather grungy though - like should also be carrying a skateboard and a spraycan.

mosschops30 · 17/01/2007 14:54

vans/other type of 'dappy' shoes
nice trainers (K-swiss/lacoste or something)

NbgsYellowFeathers · 17/01/2007 14:57

I always wear my ugg boots (under the jeans, not tucked in) and if I wear them in better weather, Birkies.
I also like KSwiss and the Adidas Stan Smith style trainers.

anniemac · 17/01/2007 15:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Enid · 17/01/2007 15:35

i did crocs and ballet pumps

Piffle · 17/01/2007 15:35

converse allstars

womblingalong · 17/01/2007 15:39

BTW only suggested platforms or wedges, because foxtrot said her jeans were quite long! Think trainers or birkies would work too, if jeans correct length.

anniemac · 17/01/2007 16:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

foxtrot · 17/01/2007 21:01

thanks, i seem to be on the right track - i have some brown suede gola trainers, and other assorted flats/flipflops so hopefully can find something to make them work. Bought longer ones so my legs didn't look too short

OP posts:
zoeuk1 · 18/01/2007 21:14

ive got laods of boyfriend jeans. some are starting to fray around the bottom because they drag on the floor, but i like that! i wear mine with converse/timberlands or trainers.

zoeuk1 · 18/01/2007 21:15

i mean loads. not laods!!

foxtrot · 19/01/2007 12:44

Can you call them boyfriend jeans if you have a husband? Mine have pink trimmings so definately not belonging to any boyfriend i've ever had LOL

OP posts:
LadyTophamHatt · 19/01/2007 12:45

These jeans are crap if you have teeny feet. It looks like I hover because my feet disaapear inside the legs.

Kelly1978 · 19/01/2007 12:46

with mien I wear adidas suerstar trainers or flipflops in the summer

Kelly1978 · 19/01/2007 12:46

I have HUGE feet so I love them

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