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keeping hair dry when pushing a pram, without resorting to horrid Berghaus type jacket

12 replies

fizzbuzz · 13/01/2007 10:05

Any tips?

If my hair gets wet, I always suffer from a really itchy scalp!

Don't like "outdoorsy" type jackets. Have one coat with hood, but doesn't always stay up.

Should I buy one of those little plastic see through rain hoods?!

OP posts:
puffling · 13/01/2007 10:07

I just wear a hooded coat. I know I look rough, but my hair will frizz up if I don't. On topic of pushchair problems, how do people carry a basket while in the supermarket?

cupcakes · 13/01/2007 10:11

wear a hooded coat and tie a scarf round your neck around the outside of the hood to stop it from falling down.

Whizzz · 13/01/2007 10:12

Did you see the thread on here about a brolly that clips to your pram / buggy. I thought it was a great idea ! I'll see if I can find it

Whizzz · 13/01/2007 10:13

here !

foxinsocks · 13/01/2007 10:13


foxinsocks · 13/01/2007 10:14

aaarrgghh you beat me by 11 seconds!

foxinsocks · 13/01/2007 10:14

not even 11 but 21!!

cece · 13/01/2007 10:16

I wear a hat.

fizzbuzz · 13/01/2007 10:19

Mmmmm looks good, buy not sure how it would be in high winds, ie would buggy take off?!!

Thanks for help.

OP posts:
incy · 13/01/2007 10:32

puffling, I don't bother with the basket as impossible to carry with a pram.

I either use a trolley or put the shopping in the basket under the pram.

It means you get lots of security guards following you round but what the heck I like a bit of company on a trip to the supermarket.

Edam · 13/01/2007 12:39

I saw someone who had folded up their buggy and put it in the trolley while their child was in the seat. Seemed sensible but I always ended up with basket on the handles. Which is precarious in terms of weight distribution.

Fimbo · 16/01/2007 15:10

I used to put the buggy in the trolley lockers beside the cafe.

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