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All you stylees, what would you wear with a kimono style top/dress thingy

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tiredemma · 11/01/2007 21:49

its between thigh/knee length, grey and black satine. Looks nice on, but what should i wear on my legs and trotters???

im 5' small so certain things dont suit me.

thnaks stylo supremes.

OP posts:
Bucketsofdynomite · 11/01/2007 21:50

Cropped jeans or footless tights, slutty strappy heels and chopsticks in your hair.

Pollyanna · 11/01/2007 21:51

or skinny black jeans/trousers?

controlfreaky2 · 11/01/2007 21:51

well, depends how old / what size / general stylee you are...... more info please.....
options are:
on own over opaques
over black leggings
over jeans / trousers (narrowish if not skinny - the jeans)

tiredemma · 11/01/2007 21:53

im 28, size 12-

was thinking skinnyish black/grey jeans but thought you would all laugh at the very idea of it.

OP posts:
KezzaG · 11/01/2007 21:54

If I was a size 12 I would wear skinny jeans for sure. with high heels I hope?

Bucketsofdynomite · 11/01/2007 21:55

Skinny jeans and calf-length heeled boots. All us yummy mummies are wearing them down the playground right now

tiredemma · 11/01/2007 21:56

yes but kezza. im a 12 and only 5'.

Im not some leggy beaut, thats for sure.

my arse is not as small as it once once but kimono will hide that.

big heels will make my legs look longer non?

OP posts:
controlfreaky2 · 11/01/2007 21:58

yes indeedy. but if you're size 12 you could wear with flatties too...... the ubiquitous ballet pump for example

Bucketsofdynomite · 11/01/2007 22:02

Just think of the skinny jeans as 999denier tights, they all have lycra in them and the dress (or any long top) will cover any muffintop/bum issues.

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