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Dress with stars on or more ideas for places to look online.

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Wheelybug · 11/01/2007 17:57

Not really style as its for a 2 year old but I am looking for a dress for dd with stars on it - I don't suppose anyone has seen one anywhere ?

Or, can suggest anywhere else to look online ? I have so far looked at:

M&S (a skirt but too big)
Ebay (a possible)
La Redoute

Thanks !

OP posts:
margauxx · 11/01/2007 18:05

Cath kidston has starry fabric there might be one there?

margauxx · 11/01/2007 18:07

Or what about this how mad is that!

Wheelybug · 11/01/2007 18:08

thanks - no luck with cath kidston

OP posts:
Wheelybug · 11/01/2007 18:09

oh my word !! Thankfully that will be a bit too big !!!! I was thinking of something slightly more subtler but thanks for looking !

OP posts:
Wheelybug · 11/01/2007 18:10

'more subtler' - oh dear... what I meant was 'more subtle' or in fact 'subtler'

OP posts:
margauxx · 11/01/2007 18:11

Don't worry wheely, I wasn't really suggesting it! I just couldn't not post it!

Wheelybug · 11/01/2007 18:15

it is a truly stunning dress.

OP posts:
margauxx · 11/01/2007 18:21

Okay, so if you thought that one was bad....take a look at THIS

Wheelybug · 11/01/2007 18:32

God bless America

OP posts:
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