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bagpussmice · 11/01/2007 17:27

how do you wear your eyeliner?
I have this dream of having dark, defined eyes and try and do a line of eyeliner on the top lid close to the lashes, but never seem to get a straight even line, and it looks rubbish.
any tips?

OP posts:
Lorina · 11/01/2007 17:42

Is it a pencil ? You might get a better finish with a fine brush. Just wet it a bit and dab into eyeshadow. Its less likely to smudge that way too.

marymillington · 11/01/2007 17:44

if i'm going to wear it, i use MAC liquid eyeliner, its a piece of cake to put on.

i think rimmel and boots 17 do less pricey versions, but the MAC one is the best i've found.

bundle · 11/01/2007 17:44

I have a lovely, soft MAC grey pencil that has a sort of rubber on the other end to makeit slightly smudgy.

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